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Self-Parking Technology: Helping Cars Avoid Fender Benders

by delsiemaidens

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You find a nifty parking space right in front of your office in downtown Burlington, but it’s in the middle of two parked cars. Confidently, you drive into position and shift into reverse, slowly but surely maneuvering your old car into the space. But without a clear view of the rear, you hear a loud crash, followed by the sight of the grumpy owner of the car you just hit.

This was a usual problem with parallel parking before the introduction of the self-parking feature in cars. Today, a handful of modern cars are equipped with sensors and cameras to guide the driver when trying to park on the side of the road. They do a good job of helping drivers avoid common parking errors.


Certain cars come with an array of sensors installed in the rear fender of the vehicle. As the car navigates its way into the parking space, the driver can rely on the sensors to beep as soon as it detects something (or someone) close to it. The beeping should be faster the closer the fender gets to the object, thereby signaling the driver to either stop completely or change direction to avoid hitting it.


Other vehicles are equipped with a camera mounted at the back of the vehicle that displays a video footage of the rear view. This technology is common with vehicles such as buses and trucks because blind spots make it difficult for them to park. In a handful of Burlington used cars, the camera is a part of an intelligent self-parking system complete with a touch screen panel.

Car dealers in Burlington explain that beyond the impressive leaps in technology, it’s important to be realistic. Keep in mind that self-parking systems will not automatically park your car for you as depicted in futuristic movies. Self-parking systems function more as a safety feature and guide; in the end, it’s still up to the driver’s skill behind the wheel to nail the parking attempt.

If you want to know more about self-parking systems, you can go to the website of the U.S. Department of Motor Vehicles at You can also check out as an additional resource. Burlington Ford cars and other vehicles may already have this feature in some of their models.

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