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Menopausal – Facts, Symptoms And Medication

by globalmedscanada

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Facts about Menopause :

Menopause need not require to be a hormonal hurricane which  women have experienced in the past. Hot flashes, depression, mood swings, the list continues. It is a time when a woman discontinues having monthly periods. This is neither an illness or a disease, but a transition amid two phases in a woman’s life.

A large percentage of women experience various symptoms due to the hormonal changes related to the transition through menopause. During this phase, women often tend to lose bone density as well the levels of their blood cholesterol may also worsen thereby increasing the risk of heart disorders.


Osteoporosis and Menopause


Despite osteoporosis being one of the most prevalent conditions occurring in older women, yet it is often neglected by menopausal women. The onset of menopause results in rapid loss of BMD due to bone resorption. The usual bone loss related to senescence is poles apart from the augmented loss observed post menopause. The bone loss within few years post commencement of menopause may be 20% higher of the lifetime bone loss.


The effect of the menopausal bone loss in its entirety is the reduction of the bone strength, thereby leading to higher chances of fracture. The younger the woman is when the ovarian function stops, the more severe will be the bone loss. Likewise, the lower a woman’s bone mass is as she steps her menopause, the more serious the osteoporosis is likely to be.


Menopause and sexual changes

During the phase of menopause, women are likely to face changes in her sexual life. While few are of the opinion that they enjoy sexual intercourse more post menopause as they are free from the tension of getting pregnant. While there are others who are of the view that they think less often about sex or do not enjoy it much.


The changes in sexuality which takes place during this phase have numerous possible causes. These include:


  1. Emotional changes are likely to make women feel excessively stressed for sex


  1. Night sweats are likely to disturb their sleep as well as make them too tired for a sexual intercourse
  2. Decreased hormones are likely to reduce sex drive
  3. Decreased hormones can make the vaginal tissues thinner and drier, thereby making sex uncomfortable


Treat menopausal symptoms with PREMARIN


PREMARIN is the abbreviation of Pregnant Mares’ Urine. This prescription medication is used for reducing menopause symptoms in women or those who had a hysterectomy. It is also prescribed for eliminating risks of osteoporosis as well as reducing the chances of heart ailments in women aged above 50. PREMARIN is used post menopause for reducing moderate-extreme hot flashes, for treating moderate-extreme dryness, burning and itching in and around the vagina.







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