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Roof Systems and Materials for Business Buildings

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Without their roofing systems, even the most impressive structures are left vulnerable to the elements. Due to a great deal of technological developments, roofs and materials have greatly developed. Today, with the proficiency of roofing companies to match the advancements in commercial roofing, engineers, architects, and building owners have an escalating number of selections for roof structures.

Single-ply Roofing System

Single-ply roofing system or SPS is a roof system which has gained popularity among commercial building owners. Architects and contractors prefer this kind of system since besides being resistant to weathering, it is also extremely water-resistant. Including membrane layers that are made of synthetic polymer, SPS sheets are appreciated for their high quality performance and strength.

Built up Roofing System

Also known by its acronym BUR, it is among the most efficient commercial roofs and is suitable for structures with flat or low-slope roof construction. With a commendable reputation in the roofing market, the BUR also maintains remarkable waterproofing properties. As opposed to other systems which need to be entirely changed when indications of damage manifest, a BUR can be restored to extend its life expectancy.

Metal Roofing System

Metal is the favored roofing material of choice for commercial buildings. This rarely comes as a surprise for Chicago roofing contractors, as it is vastly acknowledged for its remarkable toughness, fire-resistance, and resilience. Moreover, metal roofs are known to be low maintenance and are exceptionally flexible given that they can be found in several colors and styles.

Slate Roofing

When roof contractors Chicago building owners depend on declare that slate roofing materials are long-lasting and strong, you better trust them. These materials could last for centuries, making their endurance one of their greatest advantages. Other than that, they are also attractive. Put these traits together and you'll understand why slate roofs are valued the way they are.

With numerous selections readily available, it's effortless to get confused and forget the most vital points. Fortunately, a roofing contractor Chicago Il locals endorse can aid building owners to decide on which roofing systems and products are most effective for their demands. For a longer listing of commercial roofing kinds, see

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