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A Look at How Your Roofer Fixes Your Ruined Roof

by emmaphillips

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Great weather transpires most of the time in Florida (making its "Sunshine State" moniker remarkably suitable), and included in this area is Orlando in the central portion of the state. When it's not "most of the time", the state goes through thunderstorms, tornadoes, and tropical cyclones. Your Orlando home's very first line of defense against those adverse weather conditions is a sturdy and well-maintained roof, courtesy of roofing professionals in the area.


Before specialists check your roofing system, they discover the following: (1) the size, material, and approximated age of the roof and all its layers; (2) history of roofing issues, if any; and (3) location of all the roof's external instruments, such as drains, penetrations, and mountings. These specialists will determine the soundness of all the roof's parts. They also take note of anything peculiar about your roofing (e.g. blistered shingles, loosened screws and nails, and grubby drains). They're persnickety with finding cracks, as these are arguably the most frequent roofing predicaments.

Surface Preparation

When the sturdiness of the roofing system has been ascertained, the roof is prepared for patching and coating. Any loose and defective screws are tightened up and substituted respectively. The roofing system is totally cleaned via water-blasting, sweeping, or brushing. Coating is applied to a test spot when there's uncertainty regarding the roofing system's and previous coating job's stability.


Specialists for roofing Orlando houses adopt a standard 3-step patching process for any spaces in the roofing system. First, a thick layer of adhesive is used over the affected spot. Second, a certain patching material is cut, and it's made a minimum of 3 inches larger than the perforation. The first and second actions are redone, as necessary, till it's warranted that not a solitary drop of water, piece of debris, and the like could get through the patch.


Orlando roofers may use sprayers, brushes, squeegees, or rollers to coat the roofing. If the roofing has an area of at least a thousand square feet, spraying is the most effective solution. Brushes, squeegees, and rollers are preferable for relatively smaller sized areas. The coating must be applied uniformly all over the roof.

Regardless of what job is most appropriate for your roofing, anticipate Orlando roof repair experts to observe the steps given above in most situations. There are times when you'll have to have the entire roof substituted, though. To discover more on roof replacement, read

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