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Formula One Indian Grand Prix, grows close

by PreetiJagwani

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As the Formula One Indian Grand Prix grows close, the excitement among adrenaline junkies in India goes up. The standings so far are parked at Fernando Alonso at No. 1 with 164 points, Mark Webber at No. 2 with 124 points, Sebastian Vettel at No. 3 with 122 points, Lewis Hamilton with at No. 4 with 117 points and Kimi Räikkönen No. 5 with 116 points. However, the Hungaroring ruined many painstakingly composed jokes by many journalists and bloggers when McLaren Mercedes decided to shake it up- with a surprise win at the Hungarian Grand Prix. That too just at a time when Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton started resembling British Tennis. Unexpected things like the English cricket team coming back from the dead, or a strong fight from Team Wiggins and Murray at the Olympics could happen - but Hamilton following a Saturday pole up with a victory on race day? Well that was a shocker. But a pleasant one. Another pleasant surprise is the number of people lining up to buy Formula One tickets after this unexpected win. The Hungarian GP also had team Lotus smiling away to glory. Kimi and Grosjean finished second and third. In their short history, it’s the first time they’ve occupied two steps of the podium. Formula One tickets in any part of the world is therefore always a sell out, the unexpected is always expected.

Before Hungary we witnessed an incident-packed German GP. In the 2012 World Championship, Fernando Alonso became the first driver to win more than 2 races. With that well deserved win, he went 33 points ahead of the second-placed Mark Webber, who managed to only finish 8th. But all these rankings went for a toss after the next GP. Formula One tickets must be selling like hot cakes in Belgium after all this action. F1 India of course will also benefit from all this anticipation. With the Belgium GP up next and a total of 9 more races to go, the drivers can take some time off. The likes of Button and Hamilton may not come back with a great frame of mind, especially since we know that self-detonation is a tendency that Great Britain has. However with India being a part of those 9 races that are upcoming, the excitement will be on an upward climb through Belgium, Italy, Singapore, Japan and Korea until it reaches India. The number of Indian people following this season’s races and buying Formula One tickets must have increased to a large extent due to the fervor that this season has witnessed.

With Hamilton, Webber, Alonso and Vettel fighting it out for the top spot, Indian fans can look forward to a great season of racing thrills. Formula One tickets are definitely going to be hot property, come October. Let’s see what surprises the next GP holds and how it changes the rankings. Let’s hope it shakes up the point system enough to keep things as exhilarating as it is, if not more.

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