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5 Ways Personal Trainers Can Utilize Social Media

by anonymous

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Social media marketing is a powerful and popular marketing strategy that has risen in popularity over the last five years.  However, so many people think that social media marketing doesn’t apply to them.  However, social media marketing can be an effective marketing tool for any business whether you are B2B, B2C, or whether you offer products or services.  Social media marketing offers increased brand awareness, which is what every business requires to succeed.  Here are five strategies to utilize social media marketing for personal trainers:


1. Offer Valuable Information:


Social media marketing is not a channel that you be pushing sales onto potential clients.  But it is a channel where you can show off your nutrition and fitness knowledge by providing helpful information like blurbs, articles, and tips.


2. Find With Other Personal Trainers:


Social media marketing firm believe on Networking, networking, and more networking.  No matter what field of work your in, networking is one of the keys to success.  You want to build relationships, share knowledge, and hopefully get something out of your networking relationships.


3.Provide a Supportive Community:


One of the key things that most people like to have around them when they are either trying to lose weight or make a positive lifestyle change, is support.  So you can almost create a community (example:  a Facebook page wall) where your clients can interact with one another and support one another through their journeys.


4.Promote Your Work:


Professionals, no matter what industry you work in, should have their own blog.  A blog is a place where you can write articles around information that you are knowledgeable in.  And you can use social media channels to market these blogs posts.  The most popular and clickable types of posts include articles such as “5 Ways To….”, “3 Reasons Why….”, etc.  You don’t want to bore your audience with an eight-paragraph article, but make it quick, concise, and easy to read.


5.Encourage Sharing Amongst Your Clients:


Offer incentive programs for your clients to get them more involved in your social media channels.  For example, offer monthly prizes to those who have lost the most weight each month and set it up so that the user has to share before and after photographs of themselves.  This can not only boost activity on your Social Media marketing campaign channels, but your clients will more than likely share with their friends, allowing you to reach more users.

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