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"Know Hacking! But No Hacking !" How To Hack Gmail and Facbo

by cybercure

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CyberCure Solutions has taken upon itself to bridge this rift between the Industry needs and students’ skill-set, without compromising on the interactive and interesting aspects of learning. The summer training is oriented to nourish specific skills among the students that would make them efficient to match the professional needs and demands.

As cyber attacks increase, so does the demand for information security professionals who possess true network penetration testing and ethical hacking skills. There are several ethical hacking courses that claim to teach these skills, but few actually do. Cyber cure, depending on the clients’ need, undertake class room training programmes for upgradation of knowledge of employees, whether off-site or on-site, depending upon the availability of space.   Class room training includes providing training kits, reading material and software for better understanding of the projects.  The course starts with proper planning, scoping and recon, and then dives deep into scanning, target exploitation, password attacks, and wireless and web apps with detailed hands-on exercises and practical tips for doing the job safely and effectively. Security vulnerabilities, such as weak configurations, unpatched systems, and botched architectures, continue to plague organizations. Enterprises need people who can find these flaws in a professional manner to help eradicate them from our infrastructures. Lots of people claim to have penetration testing, ethical hacking, and security assessment skills, but precious few can apply these skills in a methodical regimen of professional testing to help make an organization more secure. This class covers the ingredients for successful network penetration testing to help attendees improve their enterprise's security stance. The course also describes the limitations of penetration testing techniques and other practices that can be used to augment penetration testing to find vulnerabilities in architecture, policies, and processes. We also address how penetration testing should be integrated as a piece of a comprehensive enterprise information security program. The course discusses how the tools interrelate with each other in an overall testing process. Rather than just throwing up a bunch of tools and playing with them, we analyze how to leverage information from one tool to get the most bang out of the next tool.We focus on the workflow of professional penetration testers and ethical hackers, proceeding step-by-step discussing the most effective means for conducting projects.

The sessions address common pitfalls that arise in penetration tests and ethical hacking projects, providing real-world strategies and tactics for avoiding these problems to maximize the quality of test results.

After the course completion, Certificate of “CyberCure Certified Information Security Associate” will be given to participants on passing examination with minimum 50% score. These courses can be undertaken at Cybercure training centres located in Delhi, Vishakhapatnam and Faridabad.



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