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Improve Your Speed on the Lacrosse Field With These 3 Lacros

by liyo89

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If you’re involved in the sport of lacrosse, performing some lacrosse workouts that will help out with speed generation capacity will be important to bring about maximum success. Speed is a critical fitness trait that is important for anyone doing lacrosse training, so something that you can easily work on developing off the field.


As long as you make sure to train hard, get good nutrition, and allow the body sufficient rest to recover, you should have no problem improving this aspect of your physical capacity.


Let’s have a look at a few of the main drills to perform during your lacrosse workouts .


Field Run

The very first exercise to do during your lacrosse workouts is the field run. To do this, simply set up five pylons that span across the length of the field and then run to each one and then back as you progress through the drill.


Try and move to all five pylons in a row if you can before returning back to the starting position to take a one to two minute rest before completing it all again. Your mission is to perform this as fast as you possibly can.


Triset For Time

The second exercise to do in your Lacrosse workouts is the triset for time. With this exercise, you’ll select three exercises – one upper body movement, one lower, and one core and then perform as many reps as you can for a one minute time period before resting for a two.


So you’d do bodyweight squats for a minute for example, then move into push-ups for a minute, and then do lying leg raises for a minute.


Once that was up, you’d rest for two minutes making a five minute round. Do three to four rounds per workout.


Burpee Intervals

Finally, the last of the drills to consider adding to your lacrosse workouts is a burpee interval. This is a great way to boost your power capacity and will help to improve your anaerobic performance as well.


To perform it, perform 20 burpees as fast as you can in a row and then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat ten more times through to complete the workout session.


Note that this will be a very demanding protocol, so do expect to feel quite winded during it. If you have to, use 45 second rest periods instead.


So keep these three protocols in mind as you come up with your lacrosse workouts. Perform them regularly and you will see much better performance capabilities of yourself.

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