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Remodeling a Residence from the Basement to the Roof

by louiecunningham

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Remodeling a home can be both fun and stressful at the same time. While innovative methods are used to improve the appearance of a house, it can be challenging to make the changes as aesthetic as they can be. Here are some changes that you can be done to a house.

The flooring is one of the first things that need remodeling when a house reaches a certain age. Floors of the basement or ground floor in particular may need total replacement after getting flooded from time to time. Wooden flooring can become loose and termite-infested, making some boards feel hollow when you step on them. Ceramic or natural stone flooring can become cracked from the earthquakes that may strike the area; replacement of individual tiles is in order.

The siding and masonry of a house may also need repair at some point because of damage that can happen to these parts. Old wooden siding is best replaced with vinyl siding, which is made of a very tough plastic material called polyvinyl chloride. Vinyl siding is resistant to water or fire and does not change its shape, texture, or consistency for years on end.

Like sidings, wooden windows can be replaced with vinyl to make them sturdier against the elements; their solid make keeps out air, making the interior quieter. Vinyl windows built by Cape Cod remodeling companies are suitable guards against the area's heavy rain, snowfall, and harsh winds. These windows are also made of low-emissivity glass which lets in heat and keeps it in, making it helpful during the region's long winters.

Roofing projects by Cape Code home remodeling companies are necessary when the roofing shingles become old and frayed. These can actually contribute to water damage and high utility bills because of air seeping through the cracks. Good roof remodeling projects can protect homes against ice dams in winter and spring.

Cape Cod remodeling companies can also build or remodel decks. There are also high patios that resemble balconies; these are common in Spanish Colonial and Spanish Colonial Revival architecture. For more information on remodeling, see

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