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All about ladies large shoes

by rickpetko9179

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There is nothing quite as mesmerizing and as inviting as ladies shoes. The variety of designs and styles are hitting the market every day. In past few years, the market for ladies shoes has seen a major upsurge, particularly in sales on the internet. Ladies can now find from peep-toes to stilettos and comfortable sandals. Every style of footwear is available to enhance the beauty and style of today’s fashion-conscious woman.



But, if you’re a lady and you have large feet, then you may have found it really difficult to find a pair of shoes that fits you and are stylish at the same time. You will be glad to know that now finding a pair of ladies large shoes is quite easy. In fact your trendy, fashionable pair of shoes is just a click of a mouse away. Yes, with the help of internet now you can find large ladies shoes easily and at highly affordable rates.



There are various online web stores that offer you ladies size 8 shoes in almost every present stylish design and pattern. These web stores specifically deal with large shoes and target ladies that are tall, beautiful and have plus size feet. Some of the ladies with large feet are athletes in basketball and volleyball who are generally tall.



Ladies with plus size shoes are generally perceived to be tall. Some prefer to wear flat shoes or sandals that don’t make them look taller and some celebrate and show off their height and opt for high hills. In the old days finding stores in the high street dedicated to women’s plus size shoes was very difficult, but now days there are a number of plus size shoe specialists in the high streets of London, Paris and New York. Most of these niche high street businesses have online stores that ship nationally and internationally.



Most UK based women’s plus size shoe stores stock between shoes sizes 7 and 11.

Mr. Peiman Merik, the owner of a plus size ladies shoe stores based in central London told us that ladies size 9 shoes are the most frequently bought size in his shop. He noted that many of his customers are from Scandinavian countries especially the Netherlands and Norway and Denmark.


We had Maria Stepanova, the Russian basketball player visit our shop last week. She is here in London as a participant in the Olympic Games. She came with her husband and purchased several pairs of size 9 shoes. It was very nice to meet them both. We are a Niche business and people come from all over the world to try and buy our shoes. The internet has given us a unique opportunity to reach an audience far beyond the borders of the UK” concluded Mr. Merik.



It seems that the Niche businesses of ladies large shoes, is riding out the current economic crisis unscathed.




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