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The Ideal Shredding Service to Combat Identity Theft

by rubybadcoe

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If someone told you that prisoners in some areas are allowed to handle confidential documents as part of their community service, what would you do? Scoff, perhaps. Or laugh, because the idea is preposterous. Both are natural reactions, but you shouldn’t be so cocky. Apparently, the practice does exist.

In December 2011, Dallas banned imprisoned convicts from shredding sensitive files after the outrage that followed its news broadcast. Eight months later, it was ruled that criminals would be limited to handling sealed boxes. But Judge Clay Jenkins and Commissioner Maurine Dickey argued that any proposal less than a total ban is unacceptable. For the record, they are talking about boxes of medical records, photocopies of social security cards, drug tests, and more.

For now, the ruling is a step closer to protecting against the threat known as identity theft. Yet, the fact that criminals are still involved, although partially, with the handling of sensitive information is still making other citizens uneasy—and rightly so. Criminals are the last people you want to have access to your discarded records and sensitive files.

Think about it: these guys are doing hours of community service to earn their freedom points. If they get a glimpse of anything pertaining to you, it’s either they ignore it or they use that info for another round of crime. Who knows what dangers could await you when your privacy is put at risk.

Fortunately, cities like Los Angeles have more logical and stringent policies on data management. You’d be hard-pressed to find a shredding service Los Angeles companies depend on that hires people with a criminal record to do the shredding. After all, they are well aware that the security and peace of mind of their clients are of the highest priority.

People like Jenkins and Dickey will keep on finding a way to take convicts out of the paper shredding equation. For now, it pays to invest in a professional shredding service Los Angeles as well as in other cities. Confidential information should be left in the hands of certified data management experts.

Read the full story about the Dallas paper shredding controversy in their local news website at If you want to know about the credibility of a shredding service Los Angeles, don’t hesitate to contact the company directly. They’ll be happy to prove to you that your security and privacy are safe with them.

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