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Qualities to Look for When Selecting a Restaurant

by pathanewadler

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The adage "Patience is a virtue" is something we've all heard countless times. However, we can all agree that there are times when we have fallen into the trap of impatience, and that's certainly no virtue at all. Whether it's waiting on the phone for the credit card company to fix an unauthorized charge or waiting in line to catch the latest summer blockbuster movie, waiting with a good attitude is something not all of us can do well.

Perhaps your patience is really tested when you're at your favorite restaurant and are told by the receptionist that you have to wait for a table. It's hard to stop your inner Incredible Hulk from coming out when you're told to wait when you've already got hunger pangs. Aside from waiting time, quality of service should determine whether you will patronize a restaurant again. Listed below are more facts:

A Great Ambience

A restaurant's lighting and interior decoration should be pleasing enough to attract you to go inside like Alice going through the rabbit hole. Too much gaudy lighting effects or flashy wall décor may attract attention, but it won't likely provide a satisfying dining experience. Also check if the ventilation and seating are comfortable, as these two factors will also determine how you will enjoy eating at the restaurant.

Satisfied Patrons

Observe the behavior of your fellow diners: gauge if they're happily engaged in conversations or if they're frowning so bad one would assume they’re less than delighted. Perhaps some of them are frowning because they were made to wait for a long time. Restaurants can avoid this by employing the use of restaurant pagers. On the other hand, when a restaurant is full of diners who are clearly enjoying themselves, chances are, you will enjoy eating there too.

Cleanliness and Orderliness

You know how they say a floor is so clean you could eat right off it? Well, while you, of course, have no intention of doing this, a well-cleaned floor is a clear indication of how the place is maintained. If a restaurant is committed to orderliness, this shouldn't just mean that utensils are placed properly on tables—this should also mean they're equipped with restaurant pagers so that waiting diners are seated once a table is free.

Good Service

You know it's a good sign when you're greeted by the receptionist who's ready to hand you a menu together with one of their restaurant pagers. This means they're determined to provide you with good service from the time you enter the place to the time you're handed the bill. For more information on gauging quality of service in restaurants, visit

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