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Beware of cheap conveyancing prices online

by anonymous

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There are plenty of conveyancing firms who claim big things and offer cheap prices online to attract business. If you are planning to buy or sell property in the UK, you will come across number of such solicitors and firms who will claim to settle your deal in cheap conveyancing prices. Cheap is not always the best, but some good and big conveyancing firms who are handling deals on a larger scale can afford to give you cheaper conveyancing prices and may work absolutely fine.  One needs to beware of conveyancing firms and solicitors who don’t meet their work standards and project their services as cheaper in comparison to others, but actually charge you more after the completion of transaction. Modern conveyancing system provides you with the feasibility of checking online quotes of different firms from home.  While checking and comparing the online quotes following components of conveyancing prices should be checked because what you see will not be what you pay at the end-


  • If the entire legal fee is topped up with other fees, always check out what these charges are and whether they are included in the quote or not.
  • These extra or other charges could be admin fees, expedition fees, postage and file storage fees.  Many times companies don’t include these charges in the conveyancing prices and will make you pay them after the transaction.
  • To attract business some firms and solicitors quote less price and promise to cover all the services required in a legal conveyancing process, which usually does not happen. Always check all the terms and conditions provided in the agreement and clear all your doubts about the services provided or covered.
  • Make sure the conveyancing quotes include all standard legal charges like land registry charges, local authority charges, water and drainage search charges, identity checks, stamp duty charges, etc.
  • Make sure they give the quote in writing, so that you don’t have to pay anything more than what has been agreed upon.
  • Always understand all the charges to be paid during and after the completion of the conveyancing process at the beginning since it is better to know and set the right budget before the process starts then regretting and end up paying more.

All these factors will help you decide the reliability of the conveyancing firm and all the charges included are valid enough or not.  Avoid falling for cheaper quotes which may look good, but can leave you in a financial lurch in the future.

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