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Mini-Vans: From Soccer Mom Cars to Sophisticated Vehicles

by carsonwininger

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The ‘minivan’ word is usually associated with family. More specifically, in some circles, the minivan is used derogatorily in referring to a ‘soccer mom’ vehicle, because of its association with a majority of mothers taking their children to weekend sports competitions. But now, mini-vans have come a long way from being the laughing stock of the vehicle world.

Mini-vans started out in the 1930s as stout, bus-like vehicles that could seat a lot of passengers at one time. The most famous examples of a mini-van from that era were Chrysler’s Stout Scarab and the Volkswagen Type 2, a van also commonly used by road-touring bands and groups of young people then. From then to now, mini-vans often have features that were primarily marketed to families. Such features then included swivel seats, while some of today’s modern conveniences include DVD players and MP3 playing hard drives.

Today’s mini-vans have designs which incorporate both the days of old and modern technology. An innovation from the ‘30s, the mini-vans of today still use the same design model based on mini-vans with swivel seats, but these are now marketed as ‘stow ‘n go’ seats. These seats can be set aside to make room for more loads such as groceries, equipment for camping, and the like.

Modern technology was incorporated to ease the burden of parents dealing with the boredom of their children. Today’s  mini-vans often have features like a rear DVD entertainment system, with some having the optional feature of wireless headphones for localized audio. GM has a feature called ‘PhatNoise’ which is a 40 gb hard drive that can store various music, movies, and image files.

A family shopping for a mini-van would most certainly go for a Stow n Go minivan. This mini-van, features seats which can be swiveled to around 180 degrees. The 3rd row seats neatly fold into the cargo floor, with an added 2nd row seating that can be folded into the floor as well. The compartments that the seats fold into function dually as storage bins when the seats are in use.

 Among families, there may be budget buyers looking to buy mini-vans at a lower price. Most car dealers can offer them a used Caravan at a price that can still be negotiable. Used mini-vans are often as good as the new ones, or even better depending on how they were treated. These vans are a good deal in light of the still recovering economy.

A Stow n Go minivan is truly a vehicle ideal for a family to choose since its design has been focused on safety and convenience for the family, most especially the children. For more information, visit or

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