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The Type of Grass That Can Boost the Value of Your Lawn

by elizavetakramer

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Residences in Delray Beach and Coral Springs, a couple of the notable cities in Florida, seem imperfect without having a magnificent lawn and a bordering garden. These cities enjoy a lot of sunshine, thus it makes sense to develop yards in these locations. For people who obtained a home with no existing lawn, searching for the best grass species can be an exciting venture.

At present, you'll find so many types of grass you can select from. Probably the most popular species is the Bermuda grass. This diminutive grass kind was introduced by Old World immigrants to the New World sometime in the 17th century; since then, Bermuda grass has been the most popular types for lawns and amusement parks in the United States. Another significant type is the Kentucky Bluegrass; similar to Bermuda, this grass is remarkably well-liked by house owners for their yards.

Whichever type of grass you choose for your Coral Springs or Delray Beach residence, it’s good to keep in mind some things prior to paying for one. Seeking the proper grass won't only affect the appearance of your property, but even the length of time and money you’ll commit in taking care of your yard. Here are a few ideas in choosing the proper grass species:

Growing zone

Before choosing any grass, attempt to find out the type of “growing zone” in your town. Certain types of lawn grass develop well only within particular climates including coastal zones, mountain zones, and temperate zones. Florida falls within the coastal zone of lawn growth, so you might like to choose a grass that can thrive in that environment.

Soil type

The soil type in your garden can have an effect on the type of grass you’ll choose. For example, if you have clay soil, then you require a kind of grass that can withstand clay’s natural attributes; continuous watering can turn clay soil into a gum-like substance, while leaving it out to dry can cause it to be brittle and hard. For Coral Springs landscaping firms, Bermuda and Centipede grass are the ideal species for clay soil.


Distinctive kinds of grass need diverse degrees of upkeep. For example, centipede grass requires little mowing, sprinkling and fertilization, while perennial ryegrass demands major maintenance work. If you’re searching for low maintenance kinds, Delray Beach landscaping companies suggest utilizing the warm season Buffalo grass, because it is resistant of both foot traffic and drought.

Seeking the ideal grass can mean a large difference in the aesthetics and maintenance fees of your garden. To be sure you pick the best grass kinds, contact the specialists in landscaping Delray Beach residents suggest. You can browse through more about grass at


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