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5 Important Features of Portfolio Websites of Designers

by pixpadesign

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A portfolio website of a designer plays a vital role in letting customers to decide whether to hire his/her web design services or not. If prospective client doesn’t find your portfolio website up to the mark, there are almost no chances that they approach you to avail your web designing services. It is imperative to impress them via your online portfolio that showcases the work done by you along with many other user friendly and client friendly features.

Now it is well understood that how important is this to impress your prospective clients to let them contact you for availing your services. For that, you need to create an appealing and gorgeous online portfolio that must have amazing features so that it can lure your potential clients and compel them to approach you for hiring services. In this writeup, we are mentioning some of the outstanding features that must be available in your website. Below are those prominent features:

1)Effective Communication

This is the most important aspect of an online portfolio website that it must communicate effectively. Things like services offered by you, price of packages, etc. must be defined to the point. A little complexity can let clients turn off from the website. If visitors do not clearly find your message on services provided by you, it can leads to a huge loss as most of prospective clients can move on for another designer. Another aspect you need to be very cautious on is the pricing details and packages that you offer. A potential client may look for any package depends on its budget, so he/she must be come up with clear information on the same.

2)Range of Projects

The portfolio must be able to convince the visitors that services offered by you are of top class and they will be 100% satisfied by hiring your services. It is better to mention some of your projects that were successfully accomplished by you. Unless and until the visitor doesn’t get convinced that you can really deliver amazing web design projects, he/she is not going to place order. The more the range of products are mentioned in your portfolio website, more are the chances to make visitor feel comfortable and convinced to place order.

3)Avoid Unnecessary Elements

You need to be smart enough to convey the relevant information via portfolio in a concise and simplest way. Sometimes the web designers try to overdo the website with content and graphics which may have negative impact on visitors. It is suggested to avoid unnecessary elements as it can confuse visitors.


The feedback of satisfied clients should be mentioned on your website, so that the prospective clients can have faith on your authenticity. But now a day, most of visitors don’t trust on testimonials just by reading them, they do cross check of the same in order to get it verified. Thus, mention the authentic testimonials only.


It is suggested to mention your entire contact details as it gives a feeling of authenticity. The websites provide its physical address, phone number, email ID and Fax number seems to be more trustworthy than who don’t mention anything rather than Email ID.

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