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The Leading Three Ways to Prolong Your Lashes

by lanceellery

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Whether you’re preparing to go to that most anticipated Vancouver party of the season, or you only want to enhance your appearance for no reason at all, lengthening your eyelashes is a beauty must-do. Long lashes make your face look younger, more feminine, and more expressive. It’s merely a matter of understanding how to come up with this result; you can achieve this all on your own, or with the aid of a professional.

Do it naturally

Remove makeup extensively to get rid of debris that could be damaging to eyelash health. Consume anything abundant in silicon-like cabbages, cucumbers, and olives-to stimulate overall hair growth. During nighttime, utilize products that reinforce the eyelashes like petroleum jelly or olive oil, and cleanse them off the following morning. Comb your lashes gently to promote growth.


The simplest way to prolong your lashes is through an eyelash curler. Curly, short lashes typically look longer than flat, long lashes. Be cautious when you’re employing this tool, however; you might inadvertently pull out your eyelashes rather than curling them.

Utilize eyeliner that’s about a tone darker than your natural eyelash color; the same applies to mascara. Dark eyeliner displays the impression of fuller roots, and, as a result, thicker and fuller eyelashes. Prolong the eyeliner slightly longer than the edges of your eyes to make your eyelashes seem much longer.

Eyelash Extensions

Faux lashes are easy to find; you can purchase them either as individual lashes, or as a whole set. To put on the type of eyelash extensions vancouver bc ladies prefer, wipe out all makeup from your eyes and lashes, and subsequently prepare your real lashes with an eyelash curler. Apply eyelash glue carefully to the faux lashes then use tweezers to set them over your eyelashes. Merge the fake lashes with your real ones using mascara.

You can also choose the type of professionally applied eyelash extensions vancouver women highly suggest. Count on the process to last for approximately 2 hours; but as opposed to the other techniques mentioned previously, your lashes will look long for several months. If the eyelash extensions start to fade, you can have them re-applied at a lower price. Remember that the process for a complete eyelash extension is not the same as a touch up extension.

These are just a few of the things you can carry out to have the eyelash extension vancouver women will envy. Anybody can bat their eyelashes, but you can accomplish it in style with superb eyelash extensions. You may read more about lengthening your eyelashes via this link:

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