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How To Do Lotus Notes Database Transfer To Outlook?

by lararacheljune

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Large business enterprises, which use server based emailing environment, always remain in a messed situation of, “What to choose, Lotus Notes or Outlook?”, sometimes, they run behind Lotus Notes due to its facilities and sometimes, they run behind MS Outlook due to its better facilities. While thinking of switching from one email client to another, they face many queries like, “Is it better to choose Outlook for normal run of email requirement of organization”, “If we choose Microsoft then, is it possible for us to move across from Lotus Notes with entire database”, “If we plan to move from Lotus Notes to Outlook with entire database then, what would be the cost for such a move?”

All these questions are good and relevant. Every business enterprise, which plans to move from one email client to another especially from Lotus Notes to Outlook, definitely comes across such questions. Clearly, many Lotus Notes organizations, who need only emailing facility, confess that they never have the pleasure of Lotus Notes because Lotus Notes is lot bigger than email client. The anecdote of Lotus Notes lacks the support of CSS/HTML that clearly shows that Email is not the best feature of Lotus Notes. IBM has made Lotus Notes as a complete collaboration platform, of which, emailing, is just a part. All the researches give one conclusion that if Lotus Notes is used for only email purpose then, it is completely wasted.

While on the other hand, the organization, who need only emailing facility, confess that they always have pleasure in using Microsoft Outlook because Outlook is all about email. It is very easy to use and organizations love it. If set up correctly with Exchange Server then, MS Outlook can give a very pleasant emailing environment to work. In addition to all these facilities, Outlook also offers many information management tools like calendar, contacts, reminder, task pad, etc. When Outlook runs in collaboration with Exchange Server then, these inboxes and calendars, etc can also be shared.

This above comparison clearly shows that Outlook is better than Lotus Notes for emailing purpose and business enterprises, which plan to do Lotus Notes transfer to Outlook, can choose Export Notes third party software. This software is affordable and allows the enterprises to do Lotus Notes database transfer to Outlook. with all items. Any volume of database can be transferred from Lotus Notes to Outlook with the help of this software.

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