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London Escorts render both types of Escort services to Clien

by bennycamp

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Recent surveys undertaken have shown that thanks to various different celebrity pairings, the coupling of a younger man and an older woman is now starting to be seen as a normal practice in today’s society. Of course there have always been cases throughout history where young men have dated and married older women, however unlike the relationship of an older male with a much younger female which is seen as acceptable, the reverse is often met with vitriol and disdain. Take the relationship of Harry Styles and Caroline Flack, of course he was a teenage heart-throb, but Miss Flack had to cop a lot of criticism, most of it unfairly. Demi Moore and Ashton showed that a long term relationship could work, up until recently of course and there are many more couples who live everyday happily with their partner of choice. If you are like most men surveyed by Roxy Palace, found that they would happily date women older than themselves, although most drew the line at a woman 20 years older. So if you want to date someone with a little more experience than you where are you going to find her? How about taking all the hard work out of pursuing someone and spend the night with a lovely London escort who is a few years older than you?

London escorts are gorgeous and classy, and a quick online search will bring you so many options. No matter what you are looking for in a woman you will find her here, from brunettes to curvy women and even mature women, your perfect date is waiting, all you have to do is arrange a time to meet up with her, and then, you can find out the fun way if an older woman is exactly what everyone says she is –confident, classy, secure in herself and able to drop her inhibitions. The men surveyed in the poll all mentioned that the allure of the older woman was the excitement that the relationship offered. The fact that these women are often referred to as ‘cougars’ speaks volumes, that even though society is starting to accept these relationships a little more, they still see these women as predatory, and this is where the excitement comes in, then men expressed. They loved that they would be chased by a woman who could make all the decisions, and London escorts are more than happy to book the restaurant table for dinner and to choose the hotel in which you will stay tonight. None of this fazes her, or any other woman who was on a date with a younger, less experienced man.

Whether you decide that dating older is for you, or whether you just want to dip your toe into a pool of self confident older women, your options are open and available to you in London.


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