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Post trauma brain injury care tips to be taken at home

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Accidental deaths are rising at an alarming rate and few who survive them; struggle to lead a normal life. Post trauma or accident it is very important to take brain injury care to avoid any further damage. Whenever a person experiences a severe knock on his head, the brain moves about and knocks against the skull or facial bones. This could result into bleeding or swelling of brain. There are various treatments available to cure brain damage, but it is of most importance to take brain injury care during and after the treatment to avoid further loss. Family members or friends should be made aware of certain brain injury care tips to help the person survive and get back on track. After the trauma, with the doctor’s consent following measures should be taken at home-

  • Never let the patient drive home back from hospital, any family member or friend should accompany him. Patient should be never left alone till the time he reaches home.
  • He should be allowed to rest quietly for few hours without any disturbance; care should be taken not to disturb him while asleep. This will help in getting rest and reducing pain.
  • If the swelling still persists patient can be given ice packs to put over painful and swollen areas.
  • Patient should eat what have been prescribed and take timely medicines for proper and complete treatment.
  • It is normal to feel dizziness, fatigue and related brain cognitive problems like loss of memory after the injury, patient should be taken to the doctor for medical support.
  • Somebody should always be present 24 hours with the patient to care of his needs.
  • Patient should not be allowed to take any sedatives like drugs or alcohol just after the injury without medical consent, this can complicate the treatment.
  • Since head injuries show slow recoveries, a lot of patience is required from the family’s end to handle the patient and take care of him for months after the incident.
  • In many cases people have completely recovered, but some show mild symptoms even after years of treatment. Under doctor’s consent and medical supervision patient can be asked to undergo different therapies which will help him recuperate faster.


All the above tips are taken to provide ultimate care and support to the patient.  These injuries can change someone’s life forever, but loved ones should realize that they can pull the patient from this devastating experience.

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