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Excellent Car Dealerships and Maintenance Services

by ellsworthmciltrot

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Car dealerships are known for their excellent services—before and after cars are sold to the clients. This is a major perk that many people look forward to when choosing to do business with car dealerships. Aside from getting a good car, they are also treated to good maintenance services at the hands of well-trained auto technicians.

Some used cars that are bought from the dealership are bound to have a few problems following purchase because of their age or the many repairs they have undergone—which may have dramatically changed some of the vehicle’s components. The province of Alberta adheres to important safety standards which all cars that enter the territory must also follow. Fortunately, some car dealerships in Edmonton offer province inspections. These dealerships are also happy to give the necessary engine tune-ups to improve the car’s safety features and functionality.

More faithful customers are also familiar with dealerships that provide additional services like car washing, waxing, and interior cleaning services. These measures effectively provide thorough sanitation services, and help the cars maintain a pristine appearance. Interior cleaning services are particularly beneficial, because cleaning the car interior can be a tricky task for a lot of people.

In places like Edmonton, air conditioner repairs are necessary, and car dealerships are also happy to offer that. Sometimes the filters need to be cleaned; while at other times, the fan is old and has begun to malfunction. Either way, dealership technicians know what to do and handle repairs with careful, expert hands.

Edmonton auto dealerships also recommend that vehicles be given coolant flushes. A coolant is an alcohol solution (usually ethylene or propylene glycol) that absorbs heat from the engine during hot days and becomes antifreeze during cold days. Coolant flush is highly recommended by technicians, because replacing old coolant with a new one rids the car of contaminants.

Transmission flush services are similarly recommended by Edmonton auto dealers. Transmission fluid is a hydraulic fluid that serves as a lubricant for the transmission gears of a car. Like any lubricant, transmission fluid can wear out and become contaminated. It becomes less efficient in lubricating components. When this happens, the machine is more likely to become worn out. Transmission flushes involves removing old fluid and replacing it with a new one.

Edmonton car dealerships also offer brake inspections and adjustments. This is a safety precaution and must be taken seriously because efficient brakes can save a lot of people from skidding, collision, or rollover accidents. Customers can always visit the dealership they bought their car from for these services. For more information, see or

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