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Issues of EBook security worth considering

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The majority of web users are honest people but you have to accept the reality that some individuals will try and steal your products. With this in mind it's important to take some measures to ensure that your intellectual property is not illegally copied and/or distributed.

Due to the ease with which users can distribute digital content such as eBooks, it is quite important to consider the option of using eBook protection.To prevent unauthorized distribution and copying of eBooks you need eBook security.With this in mind, LockLizard have developed advanced eBooks DRM software that secures eBooks against unauthorized use and allows you to control how long they can be viewed for and what users can do with them. Let us have a look that this form of security.

eBook security usually incorporates copy prevention capabilities which have the ability to be customized to an individual’s preferences. LockLizard provides eBook protection which ensures that publishers can control the distribution and use of their eBooks. LockLizard’s eBooks DRM software is used by many publishers who require eBook security to protect their revenue streams. This eBook protection software provides security by preventing copying and sharing, print screen and screen grabbers, and printing (or you can control the number of prints if you prefer). You can even use it to provide limited trials of your ebooks (say 1 day use) and instantly revoke access if a chargeback is made after purchase.

In addition, eBook DRM from LockLizard is very easy to use even for beginners new to security. This software suite is currently being used by many ebook publishers, securing eBooks against copying and theft. If you are looking to protect or expand your revenue stream then you may want to consider purchasing this software in order to prevent your ebooks being made freely available on the Internet.

The eBook security you end up purchasing must be comprehensive to ensure that it is effective for your business needs. It therefore has to cover every aspect and not just preventing copying of the file content. You need to make sure you don’t purchase an eBook protection system that relies on passwords since they can be easily shared with others or cracked. You need to make sure that screenshots cannot be readily taken since these could then be used to make a new ebook. And finally, if you allow printing, you need to make sure your eBook securitysoftware supports the use of dynamic watermarking so that user details are printed one each page to discourage photocopying and sharing. Without this versatility the security of the eBooks can be easily compromised.

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