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Data Availability with BES and Client Access Licenses

by kellybrueggemann

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Research in Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry software and devices have transformed the way companies and people worldwide connect. Individuals are now able to connect in real time via their BlackBerry smartphones with the guarantee that the messages are encrypted through a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). Though recognized as an effective business instrument, the price tag of this technology has previously made it unreachable to small businesses.

To deal with this matter, Research in Motion launched the Blackberry Enterprise Server Express (BESx) in 2010. It is the little brother of the full-fledged BES and is built on the very same platform as well as the exact technology. It ought to be recognized that some services offered on the BES don’t come with the BESx, nonetheless these are generally services that small businesses can do without.

It works with BIS

A BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) for a BlackBerry smartphone usually costs one fourth of the BES package. This particular service enables Blackberry devices to surf the Web and send emails, among other functions. By including the BESx with the BIS, small companies can experience many of the advantages of the BES while not having to pay too much.

Upgrading not required

Another great thing about the BESx is that it doesn’t demand businesses to have an earlier edition of BlackBerry Enterprise Server to be able to run. If you want to install BESx for your company, all you have to do is grab the phone and contact a supplier.

It has free CALs

Client Access Licenses (CALs) are essential so that users can access the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. The same thing applies to the Express version, even if a BESx software program typically contains 75 free CALs. For many small companies, this is more than enough to include their whole workforce population. If it isn’t, they can purchase extra CALs straight from Research in Motion.

It supports Android and iOs smartphones

One of the biggest downsides with the earlier versions of BES was that they only supported BlackBerry smartphones. Nevertheless, RIM announced in 2011 that new versions of BlackBerry Enterprise and BESx can support iOS and Android devices. All they need are CALs to get into the Enterprise Server.

If you happen to deal with any problems with BlackBerry Enterprise Server licensing or BESx software installation, it is recommended to speak to a qualified technical support service. For more information, you can see or

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