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African Mango vs Acai Berry for Natural & Effective

by rickpetko91791

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Without doubt two of the biggest hitters in the natural weight loss supplement market over the last few years have been Acai Berry and, more recently African Mango. Both supplements have been seen to have a positive impact on weight loss efforts around the globe whilst also both coming with reported additional health support benefits.


Acai supporters point to the high antioxidant value and fibre content of the fruit as the corner stones to its success. Reported benefits of using acai berry include losing weight, enhancing the immune system, lowering cholesterol, boosting sexual performance, easing arthritis, improving digestion and even fighting cancer. Although initial studies into the effects of Acai Berry are very promising it should be noted that most of them have been done on animals rather than humans.


In terms of weight loss, unlike with African Mango, there has not been a final conclusion as to why acai berry helps. The appetite suppressing properties of acai appear to be related to the high fiber content of the berry making you feel fuller for longer.


In terms of fat burning a US study tested the effects of acai pulp in fruit flies (Drosophila melano-gaster) that were fed a high-fat diet.  “Acai has the potential to antagonize the detrimental effect of fat in the diet and alleviate oxidative stress in aging,” the researchers concluded (Exp Gerontol, 2010; 45: 243–51).  The results also showed that the flies supplemented with acai lived significantly longer than the non-supplemented flies. However, it is the ongoing popularity of acai berry as a weight loss aid that is the biggest human study indicator of the effectiveness of the supplement as the market for it continues to grow year on year.


African Mango came to the world’s attention after being featured on the Emmy-Award-winning Dr Oz Show in the US.  Unlike many  ‘miracle’ weight loss supplements African mango does have some credible scientific research to support the hype surrounding it.


In one 2005 study, which was double-blind and randomized, the team gave 40 obese volunteers either African mango supplements (around 3g daily of the seed extract) or a placebo (oat bran) for four weeks.  The results showed that those who used the African mango supplement lost 5.3 per cent of their body weight, while the placebo group lost just 1.3 per cent. Waist and hip measurements were also significantly lowered in the African mango group, whilst the supplement group saw their blood pressure and LDL (‘bad’) cholesterol levels decrease, while their HDL (‘good’) cholesterol increased. No such improvements were reported in the placebo group.


In conclusion it can be seen that  as well as encouraging scientific studies, the popularity of these two products indicates that they are having a positive effect on most users.  As to which is the best it is often a personal choice, though it is not a choice you necessarily need to make as they can both be used safely together if you wish. Whilst acai berry has seemingly sustained its popularity over several years African mango is still a relative newcomer. It’s generally said that the proof is in the eating and so far acai seems to have passed the test. Will African mango be able to do the same in the coming years? So far the signs are good.


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