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The Elmbridge Meals on Wheels service

by Jackdavis

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Elmbridge is a borough located in Surrey very close to neighbouring areas of Esher, where the council lies, Richmond-Upon-Thames and Spelthorne and Runnymede boroughs. It is not very often that a small Surrey borough hits the headlines but the BBC has put Elmbridge on the map. Elmbridge has most recently been in the press and had some television screen time on The Hairy Bikers new programme. The new series aims to put Elmbridge on the map and have thrown a spotlight on to the much deserved Elmbridge Meals on Wheels service. The BBC Two programme aims to show the hard work and dedication of the cooks and staff of the council’s Molesey Centre. The Meals on Wheels institution endeavours to show that it is extremely important and can help modernise the service. With the aim to bring it up to the 21st Century, promoting the good it does by showing how happy it makes the customers. Dave and Si are seen interviewing existing volunteers and depicting the hard work that they out in to ensuring the service stays afloat. Escorts in Elmbridge witnessed the arrival of royalty in the form of the Duchess of Cornwall, a member of the National Association of Care Caterers. She was seen in one episode of the show, meeting with The Hairy Bikers, volunteers and those that the service helped to talk about the good it does for the community. The Elmbridge Meals on Wheels service was founded around 40 years ago, providing meals for the elders in the community. The residents of Elmbridge have come to rely on the service, enjoy the hot meals, conversation, company and routine that it offers. It goes without saying that it is a valuable service that the community cannot do without. Dave and Si set out to challenge the way the hot meals are produced, introducing a fresher tastier alternative to the Meals on Wheels service. Throwing out the old ready meal option and taking to teaching the cook volunteers how to budget and cook fresh, cheap meals that are tasty ans satisfying for the residents. The Meals on Wheels service, not just in Elmbridge, but hopefully all over the UK once rolled out will provide lots of elderly residents of communities with valid independence. Dependent on more people volunteering their time to cooking and delivering the essential service will allow individuals to remain independent in their own homes. The service gives those individuals the piece of mind that there will be a delivery of hot food daily. Anyone can volunteer: escorts in Elmbridge, retired members of the community, part time workers or those wanting to contribute the little time they have to making a difference. The slogan ‘deliver a difference’ encourages those in the Elmbridge community to stop and think whether the free time they have could be spent contributing to a worthwhile cause. It is the dedicated army of volunteers that help establish and maintain such a valuable service. This is an idea that has begun in Elmbridge but with the power of the people can hopefully be rolled out all over the UK.

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