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Hungary girls are hot, fun, naughty and exciting!

by adams446

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Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1951, Ilona Staller became one of the most famous porn stars in the world. Not only that; she also became a singer and an Italian politician. Bizarre, yes. Her life story is incredibly interesting and entertaining and she will go down in history for it. Her stage name is La Cicciolina, which loosely translates as ‘cuddles.’ However, cuddling doesn’t seem the most fitting nickname as she did far more than cuddle in the many adult movies she starred in! Porn star escorts use Ilona Staller as their inspiration, and who can blame them? Ilona Staller is hot, fun, naughty and exciting!

Staller began her fascinating career by becoming a teenage model as well as working as a maid in a luxury hotel. She has stated in a television interview and in her memoirs that whilst working there, she was providing the Hungarian authorities with information about American diplomats who were staying at the hotel. This has been neither confirmed or denied by the Hungarian authorities so we will all just have to take her word for it! Staller moved on to do a radio show in Italy which made her quite a star. It was called “Do you want to sleep with me?” and ignited interest in her from the porn industry and thus began her adult movie career. Just like Hungarian escorts, she was open-minded which helped shoot her to porn star fame. The film that really got her noticed was ‘La Liceale’ where she played a very experimental lesbian school girl. Her breasts were the first ever to be shown live on Italian television, which caused quite an uproar from the older generations but very much pleased the younger generations as you can imagine! Staller went on to appear in several Playboy Magazines and became a popular face (and body!) on the bedroom walls of teenage boys. Her popularity increased more when she released a few songs which were, of course, filthy!

Staller appeared in a few regular movies and sitcoms after she stepped away from the porn industry but this did not last long; she decided to become a politician! In 1979 the Green Party in Italy presented her as a candidate to the Italian Parliament but she was not elected until 1987. Amazingly, she offered to have sex with Saddam Hussein in return for peace in Iraq. Luckily for her, the maniac did not respond to her offer. That didn’t stop her offering again a few years later or from making the same offer to Osama bin Laden. One must wonder what was going through Ilona Staller’s head. Did she really think she could be a leader in world peace through the means of sex? Or was she looking at it through advanced political intelligence that the world just wasn’t ready for? Who knows! Staller went back to making porn films during her term, much to the bewilderment of the Italian people. In a hilarious clip from a television chat show Ilona Staller appeared on, she is being asked by the host “So how can we achieve peace in the world?” Ilona’s answer? “Give me a banana.” Rather than listening to the host, she was fixated on the fruit bowl on the table in front of them! When asked again, she said we can achieve world peace by making love and then she proceeded to pull down her dress so her left breast was exposed - which she then caressed! Staller may not have been the most conventional politician but she showed just how fun hot Hungarian girls can be, especially escorts from Hungary who are renowned for having the same wild streak!


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