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A know how ofFiberOptic Cleaning Equipment and Methods

by aefos

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Do we really need a second thought on the question that Fiber optic is going to be the future of telecommunication? We guess no. Although the system is working in some developed nation, the experts from the R & D wings firmly believe that some years from now every country will experience a data transfer system which is free from data losses issue, electromagnetic problems and speed obtrusions. However and irrefutably, this fiber optics system is expensive and failure to its proper care always results in unbearable losses and hard to cure data transmission failures. So the need of fiber optic cleaning emerges. In this article we will be discussing the supplies that are required to sanctify fiber optic connectors.

In fiber optic transmission system, information travel through the light beams that travel in straight lines and whenever an obstacle comes in between their transmission path the signal loss their energy. This is the reason, why fiber optic cleaning becomes very important because if they are not cleaned, interruptions in signals are possible. Let us now understand the cleaning procedures:

  • Air spray: these are also known as air duster, which blow the loose particles and helps in maintaining the light beams thus a strong and regular signal transmission. The experts claim this method not at all harsh or insensitive, but when it is about expensive fiber optic setup, one cannot rely on this method.
  • Lint- Free wipes: this is also a method of cleaning fiber optics wastes which uses isopropyl alcohol for wiping off. In this method, a lens paperwhich is folded in 4-6 layers is used and operator is instructor to lay this paper flat on table. After this, the operator is told to hold the connector in vertical position and thus it cleans the end face of connection. Although this is very easy method, but when it is about cleaning big fiber optic set up, this method cannot be recommended.
  • Reel fiber optic connector cleaners: this is also a non-abrasive method of cleaning the trashed particles, but again cannot be awarded as suitable one. This method is very reliable and the theory behind this method is very easy to understand. A piece of weaved polyester cloth of nearly two micrometer is used for cleaning the fiber optical connectors. The only hazard with method is pad underside cleaning cloth which diminishes the quality of cleaning.
  • Automatic ferrule cleaning machine: these machines are considered as best solution for fiber optic cleaning. These machines are especially engineered by the experts, for all sort of optical fiber cleaning. These cleaning machines can see any contamination down to 0.5µm and can offer 350µm horizontal field of view.

Therefore, when it is about fiber optical cleaning, one cannot bank upon techniques of Adam and Eve’s time; the methods have to be latest and updated.  

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