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Creativity in mobile marketing

by anonymous

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There are millions of advertising executives across the world working to make advertising interesting, to capture the attention of customers and encourage them to purchase a good or service. Millions are spent on campaigns, but not all businesses have that kind of money. While mobile marketing is a much more cost-accessible marketing medium, it is important to keep creativity and innovation in mind when developing your next mobile marketing campaign.


Once a client has answered the call to action and has contacted your business, you have completed the first challenge, but now you need to keep their interest alive and close the sale. Developing an interesting and attention grabbing response is important. What is it about your product that makes it better than your competitors? What makes it different? Taking some time to plan your responses and target them to your consumer can ensure you make that sale.


While mobile marketing is a simple tool to implement, time and thought needs to be taken over the text responses and what will appeal to your target market. A product targeted at the 35-35 year old female should avoid text speak abbreviations, and could include sales triggers such as limited time offers, exclusivity and excitement. A younger target audience could respond to text speak abbreviations, and are more likely to continue the response process if there is a giveaway element included. A boring automated response is unlikely to entice the customer to keep your product in the front of their minds.


Mobile marketing is great place to challenge the creativity of your marketing team. Who can write the most interesting and attention grabbing 160 character response. While the entry costs to mobile marketing are low, used effectively and creatively, the profit can be significant! Make sure you make the most of the mobile marketing spend by putting in the time to plan.


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