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Laws, Restrictions, Liberty, and Free Markets: Smoking Certa

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A recent editorial column in the Fort Wayne News Sentinel regarding a proposed county-wide ban on smoking raised the question of whether businesses, especially bars and taverns, should be able to regulate whether cigarette smoking is allowed inside the establishment. Not surprisingly, progressive liberals want government to prohibit smoking everywhere: in workplaces, in restaurants, in bars, even in public parks. Equally unsurprising is the fact that libertarians and constitutionalists argue that businesses should be allowed to make that decision and the market will decide whether such a decision was ill-advised.


The debate is not a new one and is taking place in communities across the nation. Fort Wayne residents, like residents in other places, are caught up in a discussion of economics, property rights, personal responsibility, liberty, and the question of the power of free markets. Amidst the discussion, non-smokers decry the violation of their rights when smokers are allowed to light up a cigarette, and smokers decry the violation of theirs when their smoking freedom is curtailed. One wonders if there is a suitable answer to be had.


Thankfully, into the fray has stepped the electronic cigarette. A flavored electronic cigarette offers a solution that can keep everyone from non-smokers to bar owners to smokers happy. Because an electronic cigarette is smokeless and odorless, it does not offend non-smokers. Because it is tobacco-free, it does not violate any laws or restrictions against tobacco products. And, because it simulates the pleasures of smoking, it allows the smoker to enjoy a cigarette substitute in any environment or situation.


Flavored electronic cigarettes are available online and offer the smoker a range of nicotine levels and flavors. Flavors can mimic the major brands of traditional cigarettes, but it is also possible to purchase an electronic cigarette with coffee flavoring. Flavored electronic cigarettes also come in cola, energy drink, fruit, and other fun flavors. For those who enjoy smoking a pipe or a cigar, there is an option for purchasing an electronic cigarette with a Cuban cigar or French pipe flavor.


The editorialist in the Fort Wayne paper was a strict libertarian who argued that the free market system should drive decisions regarding smoking. With the invention of the flavored electronic cigarette and its availability on the Internet, plus its ability to avoid anti-smoking restrictions, it would appear that the market is providing a surprising and unanticipated answer to the smoking debates raging across the nation.


For those who enjoy smoking, there is no debate. They can continue to enjoy the satisfaction that cigarettes have always provided without having to disobey law or defy city ordinances. Flavored electronic cigarettes are a way to keep the peace and let everyone come out a winner.


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