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Booking Taxis in Fulham

by andrewmiles

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Fulham is an affluent area in South West London, situated between Chelsea and Putney next to the River Thames. It’s no secret that this is a prime area to live in, so property prices are very high; with views across the water, plenty of green spaces and upper class neighbouring areas such as Kensington and Imperial Wharf, there are few places in the city more desirable. It’s also home to the Hurlingham Club - an exclusive sports club with a waiting list of 15 years! British Monarchs can be counted amongst its past members, and London’s elite aspire to join the ranks. As you can imagine, the residents here have no qualms about paying for Fulham taxis to take them wherever they need to go; whereas some might find this method of transport an extravagance, for many people it’s completely normal.


What most don’t realise is that you don’t have to be rich or privileged to afford taxis in Fulham. Unlike the property prices, the rates for private hire cars are still very competitive in all areas of London, so nobody needs to be excluded from this particular luxury! One of the cheapest ways to book a Fulham taxi is by going online where you can compare prices on taxi websites and get a complete quote with no obligation; if you’re happy with the cost, you can go ahead and book online without even making a phone call. More and more people are opting to travel this way, with applications now available for smart phones too.


Another reason why Fulham is so popular is because it’s home to two premier football clubs: Chelsea and Fulham FC. Hoards of fans are attracted here during match season, so expect the streets to get rowdy! However, aside from the usual shoppers and diners you’d expect to see in any central London location, the area is fairly peaceful. Fulham Broadway is the tube station here on the District Line of the London Underground, and there’s also a shopping centre here with a cinema complex within. It’s a good place to head to for a day or night of entertainment, with plenty of cafes to choose from when you need refreshments.


Even if you can’t afford to buy a home in Fulham, it’s a great place to visit with a lot to offer; from the River Cafe to Studio 106 Art Gallery, you’re bound to come across something that piques your interest. Get there in a Fulham taxi, on the tube or by bus, and be prepared to be tempted by the variety of shops on the high street!



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