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A Guide to Buying Artist Stretcher Bars

by Editor123

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One of the greatest concerns while shopping for artist stretcher bars is the quality of the bars. Under typical circumstances, canvas stretcher bars are subjected to enormous amounts of pressure. If you are dealing with a particularly large piece of canvas, the pressure exerted on the bars can be truly enormous. Under such a massive strain, poor quality stretcher frames are likely to bend and warp. In some extreme cases, they may also snap.

If you are serious about buying good quality artist stretcher bars that won’t let you down at the critical moment, you need to source them from reputed manufacturers who are well known to make superior quality bars. If you want trouble-free performance for years, you need to buy stretcher frames that have been engineered to resist the effects of heat or humidity as well as extreme pressure. Dimensional Stability in wood is the chief point of concern while buying stretcher frames. It is, in short, the ability of wood to stay straight and not warp or bend over time or due to pressure.

In order to ensure better stability, you should insist on buying high quality stretcher strips that use short sections, joined together with finger splines, to make longer bars. This greatly increases the bar’s resistance to twisting, bowing or warping. The system of using smaller sections also makes the bars stronger and resistant to bending than those that are entirely constructed of one continuous piece.

There are many excellent brands of artist stretcher bars available today. One of the best-known names in this regard is Fredrix. However, there are plenty of other brands available which are extremely good. And the best thing is you can now buy all such high quality stretcher strips with just a click of your mouse. Buy them in small quantities or buy them in bulk to avail of exciting discounts. In some cases you can even buy them at attractive wholesale rates.

No more do you need to drive around from store to store in search of stretcher bars. They are all waiting for you at an online outlet, just a click away from you. Order your supply today!

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