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Hartz Flea Control

by HartzFleaControl

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Hartz Flea Control products ensure the Safety of Pets and People

A loving pet can comfort one’s heart with his devoted love; therefore, it is natural for some people to love their pets just as any other member of the family. However, there can be times when a pet needs undivided attention; like in the case of flea infestation.

These pathogens are contagious in nature and can have adverse effects on the health of the pets and their owners; Hartz Flea Control products have been relieving safely as well as effectively pets from flea problems with an experience of eighty years in developing more than fifteen hundred pet care products.

One of the highly effective solutions from the Hartz range of flea control products is the Hartz Flea Drops. These flea drops are available in packs of three, have an angled operator to target the skin of the pet directly, providing protection up to thirty days with its effect reaching a peak and then diminishing, laced with the active ingredients of Phenothrin and s Methoprene.

The drops are applied by maintaining a sufficient distance from the face, applying the drops from the shoulder blades and moving it in the direction of the tail. However, it is essential to read the instructions of this product carefully before using it on your pet, as it highlights any side effects and emphasizes its usage on dogs above the age of twelve weeks.

Once the pet has been cleared of the fleas and the larvae, care should also be taken prominently to treat the house and the backyard in order to get rid of these dreadful pests. The frequent use of such Hartz Flea Control solutions can restore normal behavior into a pet and will save them from the harmful effect of fleas for a longer period. It is very important to always keep in mind that most of the flea and tick products that are meant for dogs cannot be used for treating cats; for it can prove to be fatal.

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