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Reputed Solar Installers in Arizona

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Non-renewable sources of energy, as available from petroleum and its derivatives, are on their way out. At any rate with the threat of global pollution on our heads, it’s only a matter of time that the carbon footprint, together with mounting costs of energy from the usual sources, will make carbonaceous fuel unusable. The only option then is to turn to renewable sources of energy. In this category, solar power is the only logical choice. The solar installer therefore is the guy everyone has to turn to sooner or later.

Solar installers can help us reduce almost the entire cost of electricity needed for either residential or commercial requirements. To go solar is to act responsibly since solar energy is non- polluting and an entirely renewable source of energy. There are excellent state and federal incentives for solar electric systems. These can save up to almost 80% of the total system cost. Further, the solar system is accompanied by a 25-year warranty from the manufacturer.

The solar installer uses the photovoltaic cells for solar electric systems. These cells are interconnected in the form of arrays that are mounted on solar panels. When sun’s rays fall on this panel, the photovoltaic cells convert the solar energy into a DC source. The entire DC generated from the panel is directed to a bank of batteries. The batteries get continuously charged and the DC is converted into AC that is fed to the utility grid for use by the homeowner or the commercial establishment. Today, solar installers create installations for the use of solar energy for space cooling and heating with the help of solar architecture. Solar energy is also being used for distillation and disinfection of water to make it potable besides solar cooking and other purposes.

Professional solar installers in Arizona provide photovoltaic solar integration across the state. For residential use, the solar installer can help your meter run backwards with the help of net metering. For commercial use the installer can accept a turnkey project to create a solar system starting from the survey of the site to the execution of the project and startup. Warranty management and annual maintenance are also catered for.

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