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Authentic Range of Hartz Flea Products

by hartzflea

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A famous and reliable brand catering to every pet care need from the last eight decades, - it’s Hartz! Through extensive research and numerous experiments, Hartz formulated and created more than fifteen hundred products in line of pet’s health and well-being. Hartz Flea control products are the best available products that care your tender pets and protect them from various noxious infections and diseases.

The products are exclusively made for domestic pets like dogs, cats, reptiles, fish, rabbits, flinches, goldfish, tropical fish, chinchillas, guinea pigs and hamsters, etc. Their effectiveness in killing and capability in protecting pets from ticks, fleas and flea eggs is highly dependable. Available under affordable prices, the products have now become the most sought after choice of every pet lover in giving a healthy life and safer environment to their pets. The quality products from Hartz does not require media assistance to get popular, it’s the recommendations and references of satisfied customers that spread word by word in the entire nation.

The company’s wide range of products meant for flea cure and prevention include Shampoo, Drops, Collar, Powder, Spray, Combs and many more for small animals, fish & bird care. The products are absolutely safe for using it on your domestic animals and even safer for the environment too. Environment Protection Agency, commonly known as EPA in United States, is on board to check, monitor and approve different type of products meant for killing pests that affect animals. The EPA approved product is an assurance of completely safe and effective for use on pets.

Hartz Flea shampoo, an EPA approved flea control product for dogs is very effective in killing fleas, flea eggs and larvae with its regular use. It also helps in providing them great relief from skin irritation caused by flea bites. Aloe, an ingredient in the shampoo gives soothing sensation to their itchy skin and improves the fur texture. Regular usage of flea control shampoo would kill all the fleas on the body and will provide longer protection from re-infestation. Do not forget to read the label and instructions on the product carefully before you start using it.

A great way to keep up the hygiene in the routine health management of your pets, Hartz Flea control treatments are the most reliable and safe option when it comes to maintain friendly pets at your home. It’s time for this creepy bug to get exterminated from affecting your loving pet and your surroundings terribly. Feel free in a flea free environment with Hartz!

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