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A quick guide on buying scientifically designed aerators

by Editor123

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As a commercial farmer, you are probably spending the bulk of your time in ensuring that your plant roots get the necessary nutrients such as air, water and other additives in time. In effect, that is all that farming is about. Of these, the first necessary condition is to get the soil in a proactive state. This is the essence of aeration. You need aerators of various kinds to, firstly, remove compaction from the soil. Thereafter, make the soil porous and increase its capacity to absorb moisture. Subsequently, you have to ensure that these passages that have been created remain open while managing thatch as well. Finally, you would need to keep the entire farmland or pastureland clear of weeds and algae with the help of the right kind of machines. All these activities need scientifically designed aerators to perform each role to perfection.

The most basic of these aerators is, of course, the tractor aerator. These come in various sizes such as 48”, 60”and 72”. You can select the size depending on your farm size and the width of your patches. The other aerators are those with the tines. Therefore, the Shattertine is required to break down the compacted layers deep down to more than 7”under the soil. These are very efficient in establishing a percolation rate and creating capillaries that draw the air-water-nutrient combination down into the profile of the soil. Having established the percolation rate, you would need to maintain the rate of infiltration by ensuring that compaction is not allowed to form. For these, you may use the Sportstine and the Finetine depending on where you would need to carry out the aeration. Finally, you may use the Super Finetine kind of aerator for managing the thatch. For turf management, you would find that the core aerator is most effective. These remove the soil from the ground while leaving the core behind on the turf. While reducing the compaction in the soil, the holes formed remain open for a long period of time. These holes store air, fertilizer and water that can reach the roots and break down the thatches as well.

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