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Understanding Breast Enhancement Cosmetic Surgeries

by seomahimanral

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Breast Augmentation or Breast Enhancement Surgeries occupy a large volume in the niche of plastic cosmetic surgeries. Breast Enhancement Surgeries are demanded by women only since having a fuller, more pronounced bosom or cleavage is universally acknowledged as a sign of greater sensuality and physical attraction. Despite Breast Enhancement Surgeries being executed for more than a decade, there is little understanding regarding the basics of such surgical procedures and how breast augmentation cosmetic procedures are performed.


Understanding Breast Augmentation Cosmetic Surgeries

Breast Augmentation surgeries are aimed increasing the overall size of the breasts. This is done in coordination with the surrounding body parts such as the underarms and the neck. This is because the orientation of the breasts, their weight and positioning define the cleavage and the shape of the chest, apart from affecting the pressure induced on the neck and the upper back area. An improperly-executed Breast Enhancement Surgery can make the cleavage appear uncharacteristically enhanced and disturb the overall contouring of the breasts.


Usually, Breast Enhancement Surgeries are sought for cosmetic purposes only. However, here are some exceptions in this niche. This is usually seen among cancer patients or those who have suffered breast tissue damage due to accidents or some kind of chronic illness. Here, Breast Enhancement Surgeries are a part of breast reconstruction surgeries wherein the entire breast tissue is recreated and the size of the breast is increased in a very comprehensive manner. Another example where breast augmentation plastic cosmetic surgeries are recommended for non-cosmetic purposes is that of women suffering from hormonal disorders. Such women suffer from underdeveloped breasts and breast augmentation is recommended not to increase the size of the breasts but to re-create breasts make the breasts gain a more natural form.


Why Surgical Breast Enhancement?

Women wanting to increase the size of their breasts should understand that using push-up bras or other aids like breast enhancement gels can work in a temporary and limited manner. Thus, Surgical Breast Enhancement is the only way of attaining naturally bigger, fuller and better-shaped breasts in a durable, lifelong manner. There are many cosmetic approaches through which the breasts can be made more voluminous and rendered a better contour. However, some of the procedures are now considered outdated since they presented a significant recovery period. Today, using Breast Lift procedure and Breast Implants are considered as the most undemanding and effective means of increasing the breast size.


Understand Breast Lift

As the name suggests, this procedure is aimed at raising vertical positioning of the breasts apart from increasing their volume. This procedure is mostly recommended for middle-aged women since they are more likely to suffer from sagging breasts. Further, Breast Lift is a very effective procedure wherein the shape of the breasts is re-defined in a very comprehensive manner. This means re-positioning the nipples or the areola for attaining better-curved, shapely breasts. This plastic surgical procedure is also called a Mastopexy.


There are many ways in which a breast lift can be executed, such as:

  1. Concentric Lift
  2. Periareolar Lift
  3. Feather Lift
  4. Crescent Lift
  5. Donut Mastopexy
  6. Benelli Lift


Understand Breast Implants

Breast Implants are credited with making breast augmentation procedures popular across the world. Breast implants represent the earliest forms of breast enhancement cosmetic procedures but in the last, few years many improvements have been made in this niche. This includes the use of implant material that is totally compatible with the human tissue negating issues like allergic reactions or swelling after the surgery. Also called ‘breast enhancement through prosthetics’ using an implant means having long-term but not permanent breast enlargement results though now, lifetime breast implants are also being offered. Further, breast implants are aimed at increasing the size of the breasts rather than altering their shape or large-scale contouring.



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