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Where to Order The Finest Giclees on canvas?

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Giclee pronounced ‘zhee clay’ has had a very humble beginning, though today it is a very sophisticated method of inkjet printing. The word Giclee means a nozzle in French. It is understood that a printmaker introduced this form of printing in the early 1990s. Apparently, the printmaker had modified an inkjet printer to create a digital print. Later on the print was used and appreciated as fine art. Today, you can find Giclees on canvas or paper of various types and qualities and Giclee art nowadays adorns the best of art galleries of the world.

The printing of say Giclees on canvas is not a normal method of printing. You do not make use of screens or mechanical devices. You will also not see the type of patterns as you would in the case of dot screens. Of course, the tone as well as the hues is the same as you would find in the original painting. The printing of Giclees on canvas or paper uses a special Giclee printer and not the normal desktop inkjet printer that you are familiar with. The inks used are also of a special grade that is light fast in nature. This is the reason why Giclee prints have a long life provided, of course, you keep these away from direct harsh sunlight.

The method of Giclee printing today combines the use of a professional grade Giclee printer with pigment inks and acid free watercolor papers or canvas. You can use custom profiles and precise color correction as well as expert scanning or pigment printing and create very subtle gradations. You can also create multiple colors that you may not be able to achieve with any other technology.

The use of best inks and nozzles give you the advantages of precision as well as quality. Professional Giclee printers make use of a Giclee printer fully optimized with inks intended for fine art printing. From these Giclee printers, you can obtain prints that are 59 ft in length and 63 inches in width. Since stable pigmented inks and the smallest of spray nozzles are used, you will be impressed with the quality of the Giclee prints.

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