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A Few Must Have Essentials in your Makeup Bag

by garimasharma

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Finding out products that you have to carry in your makeup bag can be a daunting and tedious task.  Women, today, get involved with various types of activities. There are not only restricted to household chores. Hence, having right essentials in your bag is the utmost important thing. Reading this article you will get an ideal about the items that you can carry in your bag.

It is only a matter of opinion whether or not natural moisturizes are far better than commercial ones. There are many women who prefer using natural moisturizers simply because of their ecological as well as social ideals. Both of these moisturizers are healthy for your skin. Features vary from one moisturiser to the other. For instance, even though Vitamin E is essential for your skin, it contains no sunscreen that is required for protecting the skin from sun rays. This stands very much true for natural moisturisers of all sorts.

Not all women think that makeup primers tend to form an important part of their makeup routine. These primers help in filling the fine lines around eyes and mouth area or anywhere you can see them. In addition to this, they also help you in getting better looks and makeup that you apply stays longer. However, it is simply an additional step and can make your skin feel as if it is weighed down.  You can use it once in a morning however it is not a product that you should use repeatedly throughout the day.

Another vital item that your bag must have is brushes. Makeup brushes area available in variety depending on the usage. Depending on the area where you have to apply makeup you can choose the brushes. Although there are brush sets available but buying them makes sense only if you use all the brushes.  However, if you are just making use of a few brushes then buy separate pairs. Blush brushes, shadow brushes and foundation brushes are a few makeup brushes from which you can buy the one as per your need.

Make sure that you have sunscreen in your makeup bag. It is one of the most vital ingredients because it is going to protect your skin from the harmful rays of sun. Make use of foundation that have SPF and suit your skin type. For instance, avoid making use of moisturiser in foundation if you have oily skin.

Make sure that your makeup bag has lipstick as you will be using it during the day many times. Buy colours that you wear the most and are apt for your daily routine activities. Wear bright colours at night. Other essential items that you must have in your bag are mascara, eye shadows, concealer and blush to name a few.


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