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Natural Food to Relieve Kidney Pain

by johnfloyed

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It is the kidneys which filter waste from the body and flush out water from the blood as urine. The latter is initially stored in the bladder and then emptied out once a person feels the urgency to urinate. The kidneys process around two hundred quarts of blood daily. In order to prevent symptoms of kidney problems, a person can consume some natural foods which relieve kidney pain. Prior to undergoing such a treatment approach, he must see a doctor first.

Kidney problems such as UTI or kidney stones can cause pain. Urinary tract infections occur when bacteria enter the bladder or urethra. Such an infection can go to the ureters and then to the kidneys which lead to pain and other kidney-related problems. Kidney stones are caused by various factors such as complications resulting from surgical operations for obesity, too much absorption of calcium which can be hereditary, renal tubular defects, and bowel disease.

Kidney pain can be treated by consuming natural foods that help combat kidney problems. One can consume lemon juice mixed with eight ounces of water every half-hour.

Cranberries and their juice can also help avoid bladder infections and protect kidney health. These fruits raise the level of acidity in the urine which then kills the bacteria in the bladder, kidney, and urinary tract. The body then eliminates the bacteria. Cranberries can also dissolve kidney stones. As long as the juice of this fruit is unsweetened and pure, it can help solve kidney problems which cause pain.

Drinking plenty of water daily helps preserve the health of the kidneys. Watermelon has high moisture content. Thus, it can assist the kidney in its function. One should eat this fruit by itself for the quick passage in the system. It is also a safe diuretic. A patient can also drink tea made from watermelon seeds so that the kidneys would be stimulated. This tea can also break up the kidney stones.

Celery and grapes prevent and assist in treating kidney problems. If one eats celery regularly, kidney stones can be prevented from forming. Grapes are also enriched with water and are low in sodium chloride and albumin which contribute to kidney diseases. Consuming celery and grapes can help ensure a good and healthy kidney.

A vegetable that protects a person from cancer and is good for the kidneys is red bell pepper. This has the antioxidant lycopene and the vitamins A, C, and B6 and folic acid. It is low in potassium, a mineral which must be avoided when a person has kidney problems.

One who suffers from kidney pain and problems should consume egg whites as these have so much protein and less phosphorous which are found in red meat and egg yolks. Egg whites also have essential amino acids for the kidney to be healthy. A person can add them to garden or tuna salad for a delicious and healthy light snack.

It is advisable that one consult with a doctor prior to undergoing treatment for kidney diseases even if it is a purely dietary approach.

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