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Your guide to hip replacement surgery in Delhi (for patien

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When a 94 year old man suffered a hip fracture, no one thought he would again be able to walk on his feet. After a hip replacement surgery in a Delhi hospital, the man is walking confidently, with a walker; soon, he’ll walk with a stick.

Doctors say risk increases a lot in the elderly patients. If it is a hip replacement or joint replacement surgery, a number of complications may take place. Doctors have to be at their toes to ensure the patient successfully walks through the pain and complications that come with a surgery. However, like the 94-year old case, a surgery can again put you back to a normal life-style; you can again walk, on your feet! If you too are considering a surgery, here is a starter-guide:

First, let’s understand the joint replacement surgery
It’s a surgery that replaces your damaged joints – hip joints, knee joints – with a prosthetic implant. Such a surgery may last for over 2 to 3 hours. You will be kept under observation for some time. And depending on your health and healing status, you can be discharged from the hospital within a matter of days.

When you are old (say, above 90), surgery may be riskier
Any surgical procedure in an elderly can be challenging and includes much surgical risk. And if the patient has been bed-ridden for a long time, a number of complications may arise, putting his/her lift to risks.

Your surgeon can make all the difference
Search for the best hospital; get the best joint replacement surgeon in Delhi for your surgery. Use search-engines, like Google, to find information on India’s best hip replacement surgeon. The point is you get the best person for the job. Remember, your surgeon can make all the difference to the outcome of your surgery.

An experienced hip replacement surgeon in Delhi will go through your previous medical history, general health status and how you feel in general before he/she decides your eligibility for the operation.

Post-surgery care
Post-surgery care is critical to all. But, for patients above 90 years old, post-op care is the most important factor in how they recover. And since they may not be able to take care of themselves, their families need to be pro-active. Follow up with your joint replacement surgeon in Delhi should never be missed. In these follow-up sessions, your surgery team checks you for improvements in your joint activity and complications that need to be handled.

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