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World Geological Park: Luoyang 5A Longtan Canyon Scenery Are

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The Luoyang Longtan Canyon is an internationally famed geological   park and a national 5A scenic spot to make contribution to China tourism. It is renowned as "the First Canyon   in China", "Museum of Ancient Ocean", "Marvelous Canyon in China",   "Gallery of Yellow River and Moutains" and the "Best Canyon in Laowai's   Eyes".

The Longtan Canyon is a "U" shaped canyon formed by the gradual   collision of the amaranth quartz sandstone and running water. The total   length of the canyon is 12 kilometers. Different parts of the canyon   feature clear and unique textures and swirling shapes in the rock. On   rare occasions, one may also see a cliff which was formed during the   collapse of the massive rock.

There are six natural mysteries, seven waterfall and pond areas and   eight natural wonders in the scenic spot. Each of them leaves tourists   with a jaw-dropping impression for best tours of China.

Water Flows Upwards

After being totally absorbed in the beauty of nature here, you may be   surprised to find the water is actually flowing upwards. Within the 12   kilometer long canyon, a magical spot where the water runs slowly in the   upwards direction can be found.

Many tourists will rub their eyes and doubt their own eyesight, while   some may feel light-headed or uncomfortable if they are particularly   sensitive about direction. These symptoms are caused by this strange yet   magical phenomenon---water flowing upwards.

On a side of the cliff in Longtan Canyon, around 500 arhat statues   arranged in seven orderly lines, resembling a Pagoda of Seven Stories,   can be found. They sit there vividly, each bearing a unique expression.   When the Sun shines through the canyon, all the statues glitter in a   golden light, a truly a natural wonder which inspires strong reactions   in visitors. In the opposite cliff, a large Buddha sits solemnly   cross-legged, as if expounding the text of Buddhism and enlightening   beings. You certainly won't regret it if you can come and see this scene   yourself for your popular China tours.

Giant Fingerprint

A big amount of collapsed boulders scatter inside the Red Stone   valley of Longtan Canyon. On the surface of these stones, one can find   many different types of textures, some of which resemble footprints. Put   out your finger, and you may find a stone which looks like your   fingerprint. Due to their large and spectacular size, these natural   textures are nicknamed "Giant Fingerprints". This place has gained the   nickname of "the Museum of Natural Stone Textures."

There are several pits in the bedrock of the Qing River watercourse   which resemble people's footsteps. According to legend, these footsteps   were left by fairies. In fact, they are the outcome of a collision   between rocks and erosion.

Ponds of Yin and Yang

The ponds of Yin and Yang are linked together in a shape of a   calabash. The water of the lower Yang pond shines under the sunlight.   The upper pond opposite, is smaller in size and gets little sunlight;   the dimmer water affords it the name of Yin Pond.

The name of the stone is based on five textures which vary in type,   size and direction on this massive stone. Under the influence of water   and wind, the rock formed different textures in form and direction as   the direction of coastal line, water and wind changes.

Visitor Information:

Opening Hours: 7am---5:30pm daily. Transportation Fee: 20 Yuan (unit for China money) per person

Off-season Ticket Price: 50 Yuan 11.1---3.31

Season Ticket Price: 70 Yuan 4.1---10.31

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