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Fuel Truck OBC for Petroleum Delivery Reconciliation

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Growing and expending a large industrial plant requires improved customer satisfaction. Industrial fuel truck OBC (on board computer) allows a business to improve in terms of customer satisfaction by responding to requests much more quickly and making sure transports arrive on time. GPS is modernly used device and is considered as a part of this significant device. GPS tracking includes beneficial features as satellite mapping for each industrial remote vehicle, detailed reports, real-time tracking and special alerts. It also allows the business to easily and more efficiently manage their fleet of vehicles over a long period.

Fuel truck OBC system has a whole range of benefits that allows an expanding business to meet its goals. This is a wonderful device specially designed for petroleum delivery fleets. It maintains a significant relation between trucks mounted computer and back office activities. By utilizing the total features that come with GPS tracking, a company will save money and time allowing them to focus on expanding their business.         

Fuel truck OBC designed to seamlessly interface with all other truck systems. Basically the professionals have developed bulletproof connections to the electric register, the industrial remote control system, driver authorization devices, tank gauge and entire chassis telemetics. It also has built in GPS, satellite, cellular capability plus mapping and routing.

Co-relation between back office and Operation:

Literally speaking, every fleet operation is different from other devices. There are different trucks, different delivery procedures and different back office accounting and management tools. The device is a dedicated deployment expert to ensure the exchange of data between truck and back office. The professionals who make this wonderful devices has years of experience translating truck operational data to accounting and fleet management systems. These devices are industry standard. The professionals can guarantee absolute customer satisfaction.

Superior product security:

The operator is required to scan a customer tank mounted RFID tag prior to pump engagement when the device is ordered with optional Procontrol2 handheld. The customer address, account information will automatically display as the truck enters the customer’s location.

At the same time, the driver confirms the customer location and prepares to make his product delivery. The operator need to scan the RFID tag attached to the customer’s tank and the tag data is sent wirelessly back to the truck that is up to 1000ft away.

In addition, if the customer account information contained on the RIFD tag corresponds with the trucks current GPS coordinates and database customer information an authorization message is transmitted back to the handheld display allowing the operator to initiate the delivery.

There is any attempt to unload product without a match between database and the RFID tag data is red flagged. There is an exclusion report is produced in the delivery record showing the drivers name, point in time, volume unloaded and place. This exception report can also be emailed or sent by text to appropriate supervisory personnel.

Absolute Product Reconciliation:

Positively, this industrial remote control is seamless and reliable electronic registers. The experts have collaborated with register makers to deliver a high performance link between their registers and back office. The device is user friendly. There is a detailed delivery ticket is produced for each delivery and an electronic version of every transaction is uploaded wirelessly to the back office.

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