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How to take care of pearl jewelry in daily life

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After you buy beautiful pearl jewelry, you also need to know how to wear and care for such precious jewelry in your daily life.
To maintain the beauty of pearls, We should know the structure of pearls. Although the compact crystalline structure of pearls makes them very durable, actually they're soft by nature and this reality can't be overlooked. Therefore the regular careful cleaning is inevitable in our daily life.
Here are the 4 steps of cleaning pearl jewelry:
Step 1.Find a soft cloth. Choose either a jewelry cloth or a clean rag, preferably one made from cotton or bamboo fabric.
Please don't use anything abrasive to clean pearls, such as toothbrushes or plastic sponges. A soft cloth is the only item that should touch pearls. pearl necklace
Step 2.Wipe pearl jewelry gently before putting your pearl necklace away each time, to remove perspiration.
Put a few drops of water onto the cloth, enough to dampen it and no more. Begin wiping the pearls one by one. Never use a commercial jewelry cleaner when you want to clear pearls. Because such cleaner contains much ammonia, which can damage the pearls.
Step 3.Dip the soft cloth in warm, mildly soapy water. Do not use washing up liquid; use a very mild soap. Wipe with a clean dampened cloth to remove any soapy residue from the pearls.
Step 4. Other parts of the necklace also needs to be cleaned with mild water, such as the chain of the necklace or the clasp.
Now you have finished the 4 steps. But I have another tip for you. Pearl necklaces are strung with the silk and if that string stretches or loosens, it may break suddenly. Even if you don't wear your pearl necklace often, you also need to replace the string every 5 years.
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