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Bathroom Refinishing: An Economical Home Renovation Alternat

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The bathroom is often one of the last rooms that are considered when it comes to home renovations. However, due to its size, the bathroom can benefit immensely from a modest makeover. Even a few simple modifications can really go a long way and give the room an entire new backdrop and ambiance. Simple additions can include the installation of chrome steel towel bars and rings or a gold plated faucet with a granite countertop. If, on the other hand, you are going for a complete makeover, then every component from the bath tub to the tiles should be replaced or refinished.

It is always important to decide whether you want to replace or refinish your tub or tiles. Some homeowners simply opt to have everything removed and replaced. While this is a terrific option for those aiming for an entirely new look, it is also far more expensive because of the cost for additional parts. This is why more homeowners are opting to leave everything intact and simply have them refurnished.

So what exactly does it mean by refinishing a surface? Refinishing basically means having an object restored to its original condition. Bathtubs and tiles are prone to discoloration, mildew, grouting and rust after several years of frequent use. Refinishing restores the surface back to its pristine condition as if it were brand new. For tiles, what this does is restores their glossy appearance. This works regardless of whether the tiles are ceramic, stone, porcelain, glazed or unglazed.

Choosing to refinish your bathroom also holds the following benefits:

* Costs far less than remodeling

* Is a lot quicker, and the bathroom is normally ready for use in as little as two hours

* Once the refinishing is complete, the quality can easily be maintained with periodic cleaning

* Cracks, chips and holes can be fixed

When it comes to Tub Refinishing, the entire portion of the tub, including the nozzle, levers and door can all be restored. Practically any type of tub can be refinished whether it is made from marble, acrylic, porcelain or fiberglass.

Due to the constant exposure to moisture, the bathroom surroundings are more likely to show signs of wear quicker than other areas of the home. If budgeting is a concern, then refinishing is the far better option than having the tub, tiles and countertop removed and replaced. Most home improvement contractors also provide refinishing services. Since there is nothing that needs to be removed or replaced, the process can be completed within 24 hours at most, and the bathroom can be ready for use again within that time.

The bathroom is often overlooked when it comes to renovation because it is often thought of as just a small room used for taking care of hygiene. However, making simple changes can go a long way in restoring beauty and value to the room. No matter what type or how old your bathtub or tiles are, they will show signs of aging with time and use. Bathroom Refinishing is an economical way to restore their original appearance.


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