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Bad Brushing Habits that You Should Start Ignoring

by henrytyler

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Brushing your teeth is not good enough. You should figure out how to do it properly. Yes, there are appropriate ways to clean your teeth to efficiently avoid the accumulation of plaque and bacteria, keep your breath fresh and care for your gums. There are also bad brushing habits that you should forget about immediately to guarantee the best oral health for you. Your dentist in Chandler AZ can educate you about these.

1. Using the wrong toothbrush.

Don't think that a toothbrush with hard bristles will work for your teeth because it can ultimately clean them. Well, you are wrong. You will bring harm not only to your tooth enamel but also to your gums. Go with soft brushes that you can find in grocery or drug stores. If you are still doubtful, you may ask your dentist for recommendation. Similarly, use toothpaste containing fluoride. It fights off cavities, makes your enamel stronger and guards your teeth from probable acid damage.

2. Cleaning the teeth in a hurry and brushing them too hard.

Some individuals make tooth brushing as their last activity before going to school or work; hence, they have a tendency to do it fast. Because time seems to be running quick, they do not understand that they are doing it too hard as well. If you are one of them, you are placing your enamel at higher risk. Aside from this, you are hurting your gums, which will cause pain and recession.

3. Brushing the teeth for a few seconds or one minute only.

Many people think that brushing for a few seconds is sufficient to get rid of dirt in their teeth. Some individuals, on the other hand, are always in a big hurry that they spend so little time in cleaning their teeth. These persons are not aware that they are not giving justice to their teeth. Your dentist in Chandler AZ suggests that you brush your teeth for two to three minutes twice every single day. So the next time you are in the bathroom, be sure to check the time so you can monitor how long you ought to do it. Better yet, buy an electric toothbrush that includes a timer.

4. Not combining it with flossing and mouth rinsing.

Again, brushing alone is not adequate to clean your teeth. You should use dental floss once every day to eliminate food trapped in between your teeth thereby stopping cavities. You should also rinse your mouth to see to it that bacteria have left in your mouth for good. Buy a mouthwash item that kills germs and is free from alcohol.

5. Not cleaning the tongue.

Your tongue is where bacteria also stay. Soon enough, it will stink. Therefore, you have to purchase tongue scraper, which works specifically to clean tongue. Scrape your tongue from the root to the tip once every single day.

To make sure that you are following the best oral hygiene, go to your dentist in Chandler AZ regularly (twice every year). He can teach you how to take care of your teeth, mouth and gums.


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