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Mini camera is truly evolving

by spygadgetonline

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Spy gadget has become nothing less than food for interesting stories. Films, TV serials and advertisements have cultivated stories centering around this remarkable machine. There is a flurry of such remarkable machines.


Some of them are as follows:-


That red mark on shirt seems suspicious.


This machine is in. This machine is the king of all classic machines. It has glamor. It is luscious and sensual. This Spy gadget is known as lipstick pistol. This recording machine 4.5 millimeter in length. Breadth! Are you nuts? Least breadth. Lesser the breadth, lesser are chances of getting detected. Manufacturers are aware of this fact. So, they want to protect the secretive aspect. Therefore, they have come up with this innocent (who said that?) lipstick. Why glamor? This machine is usually with lady agents. Men with such recording machines will seem nuts to others. So, there are chances of mission getting failed. Careful boys (scrupulous only). Girls (agents) are on a role.


This coat is my favorite. Why?


Why? This coat can cover all things. Obviously. A coat is for covering body. However, this one will cover things around that body (body of agent). This is a mini camera very popular among army guys. Investigation teams are hiring army folks for secret missions. These folks wear coat that has a tiny thing fitted in it. Model F – 21. This name is very popular among cops. People who wear espionage coats are known as Model F – 21. In reality this name belongs to this recording machine. However, to make things more alluring, people call army guys by this name. Usually this machine stays inside a button. Yes, that is the least noticeable area in a coat. Owner of this coat has a switch for this mini camera. He presses it and a lid opens. The machine gets unveiled. No, people around will not notice it. However, it starts noticing these people. Only notices! No, it will film all events. This lens has a shutter that guards it from dust and other harmful particles. Do you know, where did they use it? In political rallies. A lot of scrupulous people hover around such rallies. So, it becomes imperative to keep an eye on these people. Well, it is a matter of economic safety. Anything for it.


They say that each dog has its day. Well, the day has come.


It is time for dogs to show some surveillance skills. Cops are using dogs for surveillance purposes. They hang a Spy pen on their neck. So, these cops can send their dogs to thugs for recording all scrupulous events. Now, these cops can relax and stretch their legs for some time.


They say that a Spy pen is creating great espionage manuscripts for the world. It is true.


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