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Bio-metric Fingerprint Scanner Timecolck Systems

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Studies have shown that a typical retail business overpays in labor hours due to inaccurate time clock information. Whether an employee forgets to clock in or out, or they are clocking in an absent friend, traditional time clocks are no longer the best method for tracking employee information. Automated software and hardware tools are becoming more popular in small businesses and retail franchise chains.

Bio-metric Finger Print Scanner systems are compact and easily integrate with almost any computer system available today. By using a computer controlled finger print scanning system and business owner or manager can avoid over paying employees if they forget to clock out, or clock in an absent coworker. Because finger prints are one of the most accurate ways to identify a person, clocking in an absent employee is nearly impossible. Fraudulent clock in information costs the average business thousands of dollars every year, causing budgets to be cut and labor dollars to be reduced in an attempt to rectify the problem areas a business has in producing revenue.

Retail locations tracking employee information are not the only uses for bio-metric scanners. Airports, gyms and other locations offering storage for personal items can benefit from a bio-metric scanner. Many different kinds of locations secure certain sections of their buildings from unauthorized access. Secure sections of a building can be locked with systems using a finger print scanner, rather than a magnetically coded key card. Key cards can be stolen, and passwords can be forgotten. Security systems using those features less than adequate. No security system is perfect, but finger prints are unique to each person, which makes unauthorized access more difficult. Technology provider like Infinite Tech Park PVT. LTD. offer tools and software to make integration of newer security measure an almost effortless transition.

Finger print scanning devices are compact and offer seamless integration to existing security or tracking systems. Some finger print scanners fit in devices smaller than a average sized finger. With a combination of well thought integration and newer technologies even the smallest business could benefit from bio-metric finger print scanning devices and software.

If your company is looking for a way to streamline their current timekeeping and payroll system, it may be time to consider a biometric fingerprint scanner.

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