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Meal replacement diet to defeat lower abdomen

by yuyuyu

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Meal replacement diet can adjust the intake of protein, fat, carbohydrate, dietary fiber and micronutrient to ensure that we do not feel fatigue and weak during weight-losing period without changing our eating habits. What matter most lies in no damage to the body.

As an important source of animal and plant proteins and edible vegetable oil in people's dietary pattern, soybean plays an important role in world agriculture production and daily life. The sources of meal replacement diet are widely spread, such as coarse grains, soy protein and whey protein. It is an ideal choice to take <a href="">fruta planta reduce weight</a> as main meal replacement.

2.Sweet potato
Many people believe that eating sweet potatoes make one fat and dare not eat. On the contrary, per 100g fresh sweet potato contain only 0.2g fat and 99 kilocalorie energy, which is 1/3 of the rice. It is the best low fat and low-energy food. Meanwhile it contains a large number of dietary fiber which can not be absorbed and digested in the intestine. It can stimulate the intestinal tract, enhance peristalsis then remove the wastes of the body.

Besides being rich in fiber, oat can also reduce calorie intake, delay the empty time of gastrointestinal system and easy to feel full while increasing the stool volume, shorten the retained time of residence in the large intestine to avoid the intestinal canal absorbing residual toxins. <a href="">fruta planta capulses</a> can be added into instant oatmeal. Raw oatmeal can be boiled into oatmeal, you can add any seasoning as you like.

Apple contains a special ingredient of pectin, which is a soluble fiber that would expand after getting to water. Therefore, there will be a sense of satiety after eating apple plus <a href="">fruta planta slimming</a> . In addition, apple is rich in fiber which is conducive to accelerating the circulation of the intestine.

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