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Easy Smartphone Backup for Android and iOS users

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Your Smartphone is your priced possession that is full of personal data. Numerous things like apps, messages, pictures, music and other media files are stored on your handset. Chances are that these are not always secured. Anytime a virus attacks, malware threat or snooping into your Smartphone would mean losing your data. Your personal data and your calendar appointments are all lost due to your ignorance. This would be a perpetual shocking state for you. Retrieving data would mean going through a lot of trouble. The best solution is to take a backup of your Smartphone to avoid any accidental data loss.

Whether you are using an iOS or Android phone there are various tools and means to take backup. Let us understand how this can be done.

For Apple Users

If you are using Apple then you have two options, iTunes and iCloud for taking backup. 

iCloud backup

iCloud is the storage system provided by Apple. This is a cloud based automated service that is available via Wi-Fi connectivity. It only takes as much as five minutes to get your work done. Users can store up to 5GB data for free as for power users they need more storage space.

Steps to launch iCloud for data backup or synchronization

Go to Settings-> iCloud-> Storage & Backup; enable the option of iCloud Backup. Go back to the screen containing your Apple apps.

Select the apps that you want to sync. However, it is totally up to you to choose to take backup of your pre-installed apps. If you want to save pre-installed apps then choose the option of Storage & Backup->Manage Storage-> iPhone.

Select each app that you want to synchronize

Toggle apps for on or off feature. You can choose the option of Turn Off and Delete if you select off for a specific app. This way your data will be locally available on your iPhone. However, remember not to backup Google apps or other such cloud apps, as this would only be space consuming.

Observe how after connecting to Wi-Fi you can still leave the screen locked. Even if you hook it up for charging the backup process will not be hindered.


If you are the one looking for additional storage space then iTunes is the best available option for you. This will cost you nothing, as the service is available for free. You can backup your Smartphone as well as desktop system. however you need to ensure that you are running latest version of iTunes. Go to Help->Check updates.

If you are doing synchronization through Wi-Fi connectivity then ensure iCloud is enabled. Another thing that you need to check is that you connected via same network as your desktop. Go to Settings-> General -> iTunes Wi-Fi Sync, an options list will appear with devices, select your system. Tap Sync Now option and plug in your iPhone.

Another most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to ensure that your data is safe. Using software that ensures data safety like Carbonite and Mozy will be helpful.

For Android Users

If you are using Android powered Smartphone then Google can help you with backing up your data. 


Google helps you with auto-backup of your data after user permission. For enabling this option you need to go to go to Settings->Backup & Reset->Backup My Data-> Automatic Restore. You even have the option to select your Google account for synchronizing your data.

Manual Data Backup and other services

After trying automated backup services you also have an option for manual data backup. This will allow you to choose pictures, music and videos stored on your Android Smartphone. These files can then be sent to your PC. If you are running your system on Windows then your phone will be shown as an external device. For all those using Mac will require Android FileTransfer. However, it is advisable that after storing your files on your system you should use an external storage device for ensuring data safety.

  • Android users can use My Backup Pro for storing personal data from your Smartphone. This software enables in taking backup of all your personal data including calendars, alarms, playlists, MMS and SMS messages.
  • SMS Backup+ comes handy for storing text in your Gmail inbox. This will store your messages in a different label in your e-mail inbox. You can quickly search for specific user messages within your inbox.



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