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To cure your knee pain, get knee replacement surgery

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Knee is one of the common joints that are used the most and it suffers from wear and tear. Injuries do the most common damage to our knees, but the daily usage of the joint may also lead to some injury.

Some of the signs of wear and tear in the joints are stiffness and pain. When this happens, then the patient must go to a specialist for diagnosis. At first the basic treatments will be recommended, but if that is of no use then the last resort will be a knee replacement surgery.

How the surgery is done

In this kind of a surgery, anesthesia is done on the patient. After that an 8-12 inch incision is done on the knee and the damaged part is removed. The surface needs to be operated in such a manner that it fits the artificial joint and can be joined together with the help of special cement. The replaced joints then rely on the neighboring ligaments and muscles to work properly. A best knee replacement surgeon in India must be searched with whom you can discuss your health issues after fixing up an appointment.

Minimally invasive surgery may be good

This kind of surgery has helped in providing a more efficient process for the knee replacement. This operation permits the surgeons to lessen the large incisions resulting in fewer scars. Usually a cut can be as long as 12 inches, but with an MIS the cut will be between 3-5 inches.

The tissues are also not disturbed with this procedure, and it will also provide less recovery time, less pain, and better motion. This method is performed by very few doctors across the world. You can get in touch with an orthopedic surgeon in Delhi and relieve the problem of pain in your joints.


After the surgery, the stay in the hospital will be about three to five days depending upon your health. A lot of patient’s witness a dramatic change in their health conditions after the completion of the procedure. The pain is also reduced after the operation.

After the operation, patients must be able to slowly move their limbs. In certain cases, rehabilitation may be required like, walking sticks or parallel bars. Doctors often suggest not putting the complete body weight on the knees or legs, as it will put burden on the body.

Knee replacement surgery can dramatically change the quality of your life and will give you a new and positive outlook towards life.

When your knee or your joints starts giving you signals, or you start feeling the pain then wait no more. It may be time that you head to Dr. Shekhar Aggarwal, the best knee replacement surgeon in India. They will diagnose your pain and will also let you know whether to go for the operation, or to continue with your medicines.

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